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I am planning to travel to Brazil for about a Month this August, hopefully to Rio, Foz do Iguaçu and up to Manaus (maybe to Tefe). Just wondering if this seems realistic in the time and also does anyone have any idea of approximate funds that we will need??



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You wont need much money, how are you planning on getting about? I suggest Rio-1 week, Bus to Foz takes a day or so, you need no more than three days at Foz to see Brazil and Argentinian side then fly up to Manaus (or alternatively fly up to Belem and get a boat to Manaus ? Manaus-Belem by boat

You'll prob have time to do one other thing, have you thought about the Pantanal?

Armadillos!!! Pantanal

msg me if you need any more specific advice happy to help!


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Funds-depends on how you want to live too...hostels or hotels? high life or cheapo?


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I do also recommend the Pantanal as being somewhere you should consider, especially if you are interested in seeing wildlife. You can easily get to Foz from Rio by coach, I think the journey takes around 18 hours. I suggest an overnight coach as this way you also save on accomodation. The Leito buses offer very comfy services, equivelent to first class plane travel! To get to Manaus, flyinf is going to be your only option really as it it not exactly easy to bus there!!

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Im leaving Australia this Friday and heading first to Peru. Will get to the Pantanal around 11 May but have no plans for where to stay or how best to spend 5 days there. Thinking Bonito 2 days then try to get a tour into the Pantanal or onto a cattle station or something???? Any suggestions, advice, ideas, info is VERY welcome!!!
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