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Hey Everyone

I arrived in Sydney just a few days ago and I'm in the process of looking for a job .

I have a working holiday visa and would ideally like to find admin work.

Please can you give me any tips or advice that could help i.e. good agencies

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Thanks guys!


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The best place to start looking for work is on the website seek. http://www.seek.com.au/

The Sydney Morning Herald paper on Wednesday and Saturday are also good to look in as they have heaps of admin jobs available (aswell as agencies that deal with admin type work)

I would also try the local paper (The Glebe, The Courier etc) which you can pick up for free at most newsagencies, libaries or post office's. They can sometimes have short term work available close to 'home' (where you are currently living)

I would suggest you try working in hospitality. Most times you will find work (even without a visa) in most restuarants/cafes. its a good way to make some cash while you are looking for admin work.

Hope this helps!

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Out of interest, does anyone know anything about promo work in sydney or know of any agengies/companies i could get in touch with.

I did shop work back home and just want to do something different.

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Theres loads of admin jobs available, youre best thing is to do youre c.v then go onto yellow pages website type in job agencies and what youre looking for and blast out youre c.v. to all of the agencies listed with there e-mail address and then wait to get the calls for interviews. took about a week from e-mailing 20 agencies in sydney to geting a job. Rates of pay are good as well, $19-21.

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Dear Jax,

Dont bother with seek.com, I agree with this Sir1Ric fella, agencies, agencies, agencies, just dont be too fussy and be very well mannered.

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Hey Everyone

Cheeers for all your advice.

I registered with three boutique agencies in the city and two days later I was in work - haven't stopped since!

Take it easy


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do agencies take a cut of your wages? or do you pay a fee to be on their lists?

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On the agencies point...

Is it possible to register your CV with them online prior to entering Oz? I might try and contact a few before i enter oz, would be good having a job lined up...

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Hi Jenny

NEVER pay a recruitment agency to find you work - and they should never take a cut of your wages. If they do, they are dodgy and you should avoid them. They already make money from the employer when they place you (often they will be making just as money from you as you are from the employer) so you should never give them any of your wages! Most agencies are legit though - so I wouldn't stress about it!

Oakey - yes you can definitely register with recruitment agencies before you get to Oz - but the usefulness of this will depend on the work you are looking for. In any case, agencies will want to know exactly what visa you plan to be on (if you haven't got one already) and also exactly when you are arriving in Australia (otherwise they won't really be able to help you). -snip-

[ Edit: sorry, no promos in the forum please. ]

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Drake are a good agency for office work - i have got work with them in every city ive been to no sweat. Also, if you have experience with bar work and catering then sign up with an eagency called pinnacle. They normally pay from 17.50 p/h up to 26 p/h on weekends for doing banquet waitering. There are loads of fit girls doing it and it is always a good laugh.

I also got to work at the U2, kylie and Billy Joel concerts, and in Jan will be doing the Ashes, tennis and motor racing.....happy days.