another backpack question but i need the help soon

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1. Posted by JJforever (Full Member 114 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

i would also like to know which backpack to buy. Im travelling to europe for 2 weeks to london paris rome venice and pisa by trains. I would like to bring back a number of souvenirs too. Here is where i will be buying a back pack this week, can you guys tell me from this site which backpack would be the best? also my wife needs a backpack too, can you suggest one for a female too? thank you so much!! HEre is the link to the place im shopping at this week.... Link

Thanks again guys!!

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You CANNOT buy a bagpack online. Really, let me make this absolutely clear: You CANNOT buy a bagpack online.

Bagpacks are like SHOES, they need to be fitted to your bag individually. What is comfy for one, is absolutely torture for another.

Go to a specialised dealer and pick your bagpack there. Bring the stuff you are going to take with you and pack your bagback experiementally in the shop. Walk around with it fully loaded for at least half an hour in the shop before you decide on a model.

You will need a 40 to 60 litre pack (the numbers in the bag names are the litres).

If you must buy a bag online now, take one that has big sturdy wheels, not one that you carry on your back with straps. (The 40-60 litre rule also applies to those bags.)

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LOL, Im not buying a backpack online man!! I would never do that, i know the improtance of trying it on first, but thanks for the tip. I was just wanting you guys to go to the site to see out of the backpacks which ones looked okay like features and size. Im going today after lunch to the store to buy one so i need to know which sizes to get for my wife and for me. I am a 225 pound bodybuilder(which doesnt mean im bragging please im not) so i can handle a little larger backpack but i want to make sure that they fit on the trains buses etc etc withe ease but still be big enough to bring souvenirs. I wont be packing very many clothes so that part is fine. I really need some advice for today if at all possible that would be so great!!!!! thank you so much guys!!! If you have time please go the link i provided and let me know if these features are good and which sizes to get for me and my wife. The place on th elink is around here (manitoba canada) is the best store to get any outdoor stuff like backpacks etc. ANyways thanks so much guys!!!!!!