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I am planning on leaving in late may or june up through colorado, wyoming, Montana, then cross into canada at Coots then over to Banff and just take my time up the Alcan Hwy, just afew hundred miles a day to take it all in. No real itenerary, Mostly camping, fishing site seeing some out of the way places. I figure to be gone almost all summer. Possibly take the inside passage ferry back to Seattle on the return trip.

I hate going alone and am prettyeasy toget along with, so if anyone is interested let me know. do be prepared to chip in on the finances for at least your own needs.

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Sounds like a great trip. I have done Arizona to AK, and done the Alcan on several occasions. I'd love to be able to join you, but there's no way I can leave work for that much time and still be able to save up the money to leave the country next year.

Depending on the route you go. Stop in Lake Powell in Northern AZ/Southern Utah. It's a great spot. Sedona Arizona is another good spot.

The Salt Flats outside of SLC Utah is pretty interesting.

Couer De'Lane Idaho is a nice place to visit. Coming through Canada is a beautiful drive. If you split off the main Alcan route around Haines in Canada you can take an alternate road to Chicken Alaska. An old gold mining town that is a riot to visit... There is great fishing around there too.

The Tanana river around Tok is a great place to stop along the main route. Great for fishing too. The road splits at Tok too.. You can go SW toward Glenallan, then Anchorage, NW toward Fairbanks. or NE back toward Chicken, if you didn't come that way... or SE toward Whitehorse which is the main Alcan route.

If you go to Fairbanks take a puddle jumper up to Circle Hot Springs. That place is a blast in the winter. I think the water stays at 80ish degrees if memory serves me. In the winter in Alaska it's great. It can be -35 degrees F and you can go swimming in the hot springs which are soo warm.

If you head toward Anchorage, keep driving through it.. Head towards Homer. If you go to the Copper River, the Russian River, or Skilak Lake... or the Kenai River... You are going to encounter Salmon fishing that is unbeatable. there are so many salmon in those rivers that you could just about walk across em instead of taking a ferry across the river.

There is an Aquarium down there too, if you are into that sort of thing. It is in a town called Seward. It is one of the finest sea life aquariums I've ever been to, though I am admittedly biased....

Phew, sorry this post has gotten too long... Feel free to send me a message if you would like me to offer more ideas... That is my old stomping grounds, and I could go on all day about good spots to visit along the route you are likely to take from TX to AK.


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Sorry, last bit of unsolicited Alaska fishing advice.

If you are headed toward Anchorage... Before you get there you will come to Palmer/Wasilla. If you head North from there you will get to a town called Talkeetna, in that area there is the Susitna River and Montana Creek... Both of those are amazing salmon fishing places that tend to not be soo crowded. You get so many tourists coming to Alaska to fish that they get packed in like Japanese people at a Tokyo subway station. The locals call it "combat fishing" and avoid it like the plague. Most of the places I mentioned, this won't be an issue.... Like I said though, feel free to ask for further info if you'd like to.

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If you plan on wetting a line anywhere in BC you should be aware that you need a Non Resident Fishing Licence-not cheap.
To fish without one is to risk fines and confiscation of your all gear.
All kinds of opportunity here but enforcement is tough-be legal or don't bother.

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I'd love to join you, but it doesn't look real likely at the moment. I did something very similar last year, which is absolutely my favorite trip of all time. A 78 day, 16,000 mile rountrip NOrth Carolina to Alaska - up the Alaska Highway - returned on the ferry. I've travelled overseas, which is great, but I am still talking about that trip. If you'd like to read about it, go to : his is my neighborhood website. Go to the second page, scroll to " Miscellaneous " and then click on " Eric Z's Fabulous Adventures. " #18 to 27 have to do with that drive - feel free to read the preceding ones if you like. Drop me a private message if you have more questions. Cheers.

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Oh, by the way, Ron, you said you hate going alone. That may be, and what I did isn't for everybody, but I drove the whole thing alone. I never had any riders and did not cook any meals for any guests, although on several evenings I invited others over to my campfire. You could do it alone and not be bored or lonely - it was FABULOUS!!!:)