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I am a student in Washington, US and have been accepted to the Uni's of Manchester. Liverpool, Newcastle and York and am trying to figure out what one to go to. I am leaning towards Manchester and Newcastle but Im not sure! Also I dont know what to expect once I arrive in England, what to do, anything really! Any comments or help would be much appreciated!

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what a offer. Well of course you must have a specification of what you require. I have travelled extensively thoughout all of the above andwould be obliged to give any details you require.

My favourite among the above is by far liverpool very vibrant city with much to do, with of course some great history. Also this great city has been granted cultural city 2008 within europe so this is saying something.

Also the university of livepool is a very highly recognised degree.

hope this helps

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It depends on what you are looking for, York is a beautiful small city, the university is very good for social subjects and is a campus university so would be easy to settle in the area and feel at home. However it is the most geographically isolated of the three, although it has train links to London the links to the north east are poor.
Manchester and Liverpool are both cities with an industrial heritage that have gone/going through a cultural and style rebirth, with shopping, clubs and culture on the rise. Liverpool is european city of culture in 2008 so will have a lot going on that year, but Manchester has the better infrastucture. Both cities have good links to London, airports and are near to the beautiful north east (lake district etc)to allow for weekends away from the city. Liverpool also has easy access to North Wales and Ireland. Both Universities have a good reputation, Manchester has a unified universities making it one of the biggest in the country.
Personally I think that Manchester edges it for me, but York is x100 prettier.

hope this helps and good luck wherever you go.

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I'm at Manchester uni at the moment. One thing, Manchester is one of the coolest cities around laid back and confident!, If you like music and the arts this is the place to be there's so much going on, its absolutely awesome, we also have a MASSIVE international student intake so you won't be alone by any means!

If you do come let me know and maybe I can help you out with anything you want or need to know!

My bro went to York and he really got the impression its a uni for people that don't really have that much of a social life and want to concentrate on work more, but if thats your bag baby?!!

take it easy and good luck choosing


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THanks. Well my major is in Law/Politics if that is any help.... I want to go to a city that is exciting and vibrant with a lot of things to do....

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Academically York is the best, but as noted before it is also the most isolated.

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Well I should be able to help you as I have been to York, graduated from the university of Manchester and have lots of scouse(people from Liverpool) friends.
York is very pretty and a lovely place to have a day out, its only an hour from Manchester, imagine pretty cobbled streets and lots of history. It doesn't really have any nightlife to speak of and most people I went to university with had come to Manchester to escape the bordem of York.
Liverpool is a fun city with some fantastic people. The university however was ranked 45th on the 2005 league tables...considering that Manchester was ranked 14th and York ranked 8th...these are better institutions to get your degree from.
I am bias I loved my time at Manchester Uni... Fallowfield is where all the students live and its just got a great 'up for it' vibe. It also as the quickest route in to London in just 2 hours and 6 mins and some great shopping, museums and music.
Good luck with whatever choice you make....please let us all know which one you decided on in the end!

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Hey! I just got on this site so im not sure how to use it..
but i am going to join the military for 4 years then i want to move to england
preferably a suburb of London and i want to got a job as a police officer over there.
1. could i just move over and be a police officer, or would i have to be a citizen for a certain amount of time?
2. would 4 years as an MP qualify me for that?
3. How do i become a citizen?
4. How do i do it? i have no idea where to start for any of this.