Why is the Swiss passport "the gold card of citizenships"?

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Quoting aleah

I recommend you to read "Beyond Chocolate - understanding Swiss culture" by Margaret Oertig-Davidson, I read it and it helped me a lot to understand how the Swiss (I) are seen by others.

the book explains the following:
Swiss are like coconuts: normally really hard to get to know, but as soon as you cracked the shell you can have everything from them.

people in English-speaking culture are like peaches: really friendly and it's easy to become friends, but really hard to become friends "for a life-time".

I completely agree with this sentiment. I also read the "Beyond Chocolate" book (I found it in the library in Luzern); was a very interesting read.

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Hey ZOOM, you said once: "Why would I go to Switzerland when it's surrounded by France, Italy, Austria, and Germany".

How can you like France if you hate Switzerland for all reasons you said. France is much more a dirty country. I know it because I'm half Ivorian and see what France is doing in Ivory Coast and in whole Africa. France would be nothing without all those colonies they have and without supporting all dictators in Africa. So please stop with that "I hate swiss guys shit" and look at France's history and what they're still doing.

I would write more about France, but English's not my mother tongue. If you understand french and German, I can do it.

Swiss-Ivorian mulatto

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Wow... such controversy for a small country! You guys are givin' my Lindt chocolate an after taste! There's good and bad in every country. Heck, if we look far enough into the past, all our ancestors were thieves, murders and rapists at one point or another. Am I right?

I've been browsing this site a few days, researching for my 6-month trip 'round da world. Just signed up today to find out if anyone has done "Tour de Montblanc". Anyone? I'd like to find an alternative to relying upon a US-based trekking outfit. Does it cost 1 SFr for every step you hike?

Ich hab' mein Schwytzerdeutsch vergessen aber kann noch Hochdeutsch.