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1. Posted by Shrinagesh (Full Member 102 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

What is the reasonable price for a lunch U can pay at Paris when you travelling around by public transport/while sight seeing? where do stop for lunch?

2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Try those yummy crepe stands - you'll find them everywhere, although one of my favourites was just off to the left of Notre Dame. They sell crepes with all kinds of fillings (my favourite was Nutella and bananas) for under 4 Euro. Stop at a corner store for a juice or a bottle of milk, or have a coffee standing up at the bar (or stop for an hour to have a beer and watch the people go by). Perfect lunch - and cheap, too!

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Have to totally agree with Tway. The Crepes are fantastic and you can get a sweet one (like tway mentioned) or one with cheese and ham and have the sweet one for desert. Also, the baguette sandwiches that are sold everywhere (Ham and cheese, cheese, egg, chicken, etc) are great tasting and not very expensive - a bit more than a crepe. Also, a lot of cafe's have fixed menu meals that are a really good deal for the price. There, you can sit outside and people watch - always fun. Zoom

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The prices vary greatly depending on where you are in Paris and what you plan to eat.

A sandwich sold alone is generally less than 3 Euros
A sandwich + drink + dessert is 5 to 7 Euros

As for restaurants, prices vary greatly:

  • menus or "formules" are generally far cheaper and of better value than taking dishes individually "à la carte"
  • restaurants propose cheaper meals on week days and for lunch than during weekends and for dinner to attract workers.
  • Fast food restaurants propose rather cheap meals (of dubious nutritional value)
  • I find that restaurant chains are not of very good value. They have raised their prices greatly since the introduction of the Euro. Hippopotamus, Bistro Romain, Indiana Cafe, maitre Kanter are all fairly expensive and not very generous with the portions they serve. For instance a 180g "pavé de boeuf" (grilled beef portion) with a handful of fries is 15 Euros at Hippoppotamus. I can find an excellent one at 9.5 Euros in a smaller brasserie in the 15th arrondissement.
  • Indian, chinese turquish and greek restaurants are generally cheaper than traditional French ones. I have occasionnally had concerns with food quality with some of these restaurants (namely a greek and indian one).

Here are some restaurant price ranges

  • A full couscous menu in Belleville can be found at 6 Euros while you will not have it at less than 15 Euros elsewhere.
  • A typical brasserie menu (two or three dishes, drink included or not) can range from 10 to 15+ Euros
  • A good meal in a decent restaurant in the evening can be found at around 20-25 Euros. I mentioned such restaurants on a previous thread titled restaurants in Paris.
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Crepe stands are inexpensive and wonderful. There is one outside the BHV Department Store on rue de Rivoli (4e). I also like making my own lunch at the outdoor market on rue Cler (7e). Look for one of the many Lina's Sandwich shops (1e, 3e & 9e); quick and good - take away or eat in.


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woah, was just in paris yesterday, saw so many crepe stands it hurt my face!!!

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Crepes are the vote of the day. Cheap, tasty and very European. Although, not as filling as the above mentioned sandwiches. Also potentially messier.

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Of course, you can get everything cheaper if you eat dinner instead of lunch. Grab an extra sandwich or croissant and some fruit at breakfast and take it with you for the day.

If you stay in a hostel with a kitchen you can buy your dinner at Intermarche supermarkets and cook it in the microwave or on the stove in the evening.

With this method a budget of 5 Euros/day maximum for food won't be a problem.