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Hi all -- quick question:

For a domestic flight from Shanghai to Beijing, should we be using Pu Dong (PVG) or Nantong (NTG) to fly out of? Does it matter? Additional info - in case it makes a big difference, given the location of the airports, we'll be staying near the western end of the shopping street Nanjing West Rd, north of and within walking distance to the western end of Huai Hai Middle Rd. In Beijing, is it really just PEK – which I see referred to as “Capital”?

Is any particular airline better than the others? Any other "gotchas" we should take into consideration?

Thanks. :)

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It is better for you to take a flight from Hong Qiao airport to Beijing. Hong Qiao airport is located within Shanghai city and takes about 30minutes to reach from the city center with normal trafic conditions.
Most of the flights to Beijing will depart from this airport.
Make sure, when you buy a ticket, that you specify to the travel agent that you want to leave from HongQiao airport.

Shanghai's Pudong Airport(pvg) is very far and some flights operate to Beijing also. PVG is very far and taxi takes a little more than an hour from the city center.Airport bus takes about 1.5 hrs with all its stops enroute.

Yes...Beijing is always mentioned as Peiking (PEK)in the airtickets, surprisingly!It is still a mystery to me!!

About which airlines better, sugegst you to choose shanghai airlines as it's base is in shanghai, i guess. Also better to choose a flight that leaves around 8-9am because normally these flights don't get delayed . If you take an afternoon or evening flights, the chances are that your flight would be delayed by a min. of 1.5 hours. Domestic flights in China are often delayed watch out if you are taking any connecting international flights from Beijing.My morning flight was delayed from shanghai to Beijing by over one hours but still i had enough cushion(due to my planning) for my connecting international flight out of Beijing.

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Pudong by road isn't much fun, but it's easy to get to by subway (2nd last stop out towards Zongdian Park, Line 2, from Peoples Square/etc from memory) and then maglev. From Nanjing Lu it's about 40mins total. Hongqiao is a road trip, and whilst it's a lot more central, is also more fickle to traffic.

In fairness, whichever you go from is fine and easy enough to get to, providing you are aware which one you are flying from!!

Yes...Beijing is always mentioned as Peiking (PEK)in the airtickets, surprisingly!It is still a mystery to me!!

This is due to international airport coding. Airport codes never change for an airport which remains the same, even if it's name changes, whilst in certain cases it even remains the same when the airport is moved to a new location and name, due to the way the system works, and the sheer amount of coding neccessarry around the world to ensure that everything is fully changed, and not piecemeal, which leads to lots of lost luggage and huge amounts of chaos....

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Nantong isn't in Shanghai!!! It's another city in Jiangsu province.
The 2 airports in Shanghai are Pudong (PVG; international and domestic) and Hongqiao (SHA; mostly if not wholly domestic). Beijing just has one -- Capital (PEK). With the location that you've provided, I'd pick landing at SHA, if the cost is comparable.
Might be just me, but personally I like Shanghai Airlines.
BTW, why not check out the comfy overnight Z trains instead? These aren't expensive! Not only do they save you the cost and time of travelling to/from the airports, but you also get a night's accommodation (on the train) thrown in for your money!