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Train from Vienna to Paris

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1. Posted by ag815 (Budding Member 22 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hey Everyone,
I was hoping someone could help me figure out how to get ticket prices on trains from Vienna to Paris. I want to go from Vienna to Zurich on May 24th and then from Zurich to Paris on May 26th. However, I can't find prices for trains. doesn't list any prices and neither does railkey. My friend and I are trying to debate whether we should take the trains or fly straight to Paris. We know it will be cheaper and faster to fly, but if we go to Zurich we can meet a good friend along the way. Anyways, if someone could help me figure this out that would be awesome. Thanks.

2. Posted by larondey (Full Member 105 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Have you checked out yet? They should list the trains/prices from Vienna to Zurich. As far as the other leg goes, if you read French you should be able to get that on, if you don't... I think sells point-to-point tickets.

By the way, I'm studying in Vienna this fall and have already looked into a trip to Paris to see some friends. Air France consistenly has fares around $150 roundtrip between the two cities (much more one-way, so buy a RT and throw away the other leg). But I know you want to stop in Zurich so I won't try to convince you otherwise anymore.

Enjoy your trip,

3. Posted by Zoom (Full Member 131 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Try checking out Rick Steves site. I don't think you can promote those here but just figure out the most logical way to find it and you will. His Company is close to Seattle and they can help you out. Euro train travel is their specialty. If you skip Zurich you can take the EN (Euro Night) train with all sleeping compartments from Vienna to Paris. You have your Paris plans done? If not leave a message here and I'll give you some advice. I live there part time so know it very well (if this is you're first trip you'll probably stay in the wrong area, I know my friends and i did - many times. We thought it was the right area - everyone does). Bon Voyage, Zoom

4. Posted by ag815 (Budding Member 22 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the advice guys. Hopefully I can find the trains I'm looking for. Also, I haven't set my plans in Paris yet so Zoom if you could fill me in on the best places to stay that would be awesome. I'll be there for about four or five days and it'll just be two of us. We are looking for some place that's cheap, but centrally located and fun of course. Which may be asking for too much. Anyways, if you also know the best way to get from Paris to Normandy that information would be awesome to get as well. Other than Normandy we're just gonna hang around the city and see the sights like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, etc. I'm not sure if we're gonna have time and money to go to Versaille (spell?). Also, James (I think that was the other guy's name) you should check out Air Berlin or Sky Europe. I think you can get a cheaper flight to Paris. You can fly from Bratislava to Paris on Sky Europe for like 39 euros. Anyways, thanks again for all the help!