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Hi, We need two more people to come along with us on a road trip starting from the north east (New York) going south west to New Orleans then through Arizona and down through Central America (Mexico, Guatamala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama). We have arranged to leave the car in Panama for about a month while we explore South America (Columbia, Equidor, Brazil). You don't have to come with us to South America if you'd prefer you can take the car and go exploring. When we return we will take the ferry to the south of Baja Calafornia where we should get to see lots of whales. Its a budget trip for us and we have offers of free accomodation in lots of places. We then drive back to the states seeing all there is to see on the way i.e. Las Vagus, The Grand Canyon, L.A. San Fransisco and any other place you can think of. Our general direction though is towards Seattle (North west near the canadian border) We hope to do lots af activities on the way and have lots of fun. We will be doing some camping aswell. The whole trip is about 3 months. The car we will be buying in NYC and will cost us each an investment of about $250 witch we get back when we sell the car. The fuel in America is very cheap and our main cost will be the insurance though its still very cheap considering its split 4 ways. My email is -snip

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too early... i have to work til june. wanted to do that in july.