Anyone had trouble getting into Russia?

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1. Posted by algore (Full Member 88 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I just got my passport back yesterday with my Russian visa all fixed up for me. They wouldn't give me a photocopy of my visa invitation though.

I've read somewhere (I think it was Lonely Planet) that you should take a photocopy of this along with you in case you run into trouble at the border.

Do I really need to take it along? Or will I definitely be let in with the Visa alone?

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i don't think that a photocopy is so essential, BUT i would always recommend to have a photocopy of your visa and even maybe the first page of your passport where you have your picture and name..its not to scare you or smth, but it could be useful to have..and i'm sure if you have your visa and passport ok, there will be completely no problem on the border...
besides it is not sooo hard to make a copy, isn't it??;)

good luck and hve fun in Russia(and don't be afraid of all that terrible stories about it- 50% of them is bullshit, 50% is far from truth;) )

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I have been living and working in Moscow for the past three years, I'm from the US. Never had any trouble as far as visas or passports go, when ever I go to get my temporary residence permit renewed, they have to keep my passport for a couple of weeks, the official photo copies what pages I may need, plus gives me an offical letter stating why I do not have a passport and in two weeks I have my passport back with new residency permit stamped in it. I have been here for three years, came in 2003 and have not left yet, not once have I ever been stopped or had my passport checked, except when I have to go into a governmental office.

When I first came here, I had to send my invatation to the Russian embassy and they kept it, they do not return the invatation, what you should have done was photocopy everything yourself before sending anything, then had it notorized with an international notory seal as an offical copy.

Just like spam said, most of what you hear about Russia, crooked cops, everything bad, is just a crop of bull from jerks who came here and acted like asses and got put in their place. I see it all the time with so many college kids coming here to teach English and think they are God's gift to the Russian people. They act like crap and get treated like crap, then turn around and give all this bull about how bad Russia is. I love it here, never had any trouble of any kind and will stay here quite awhile now that I have perminate residence.

4. Posted by algore (Full Member 88 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies guys.

n hindsight I probably should have taken a photocopy of the visa invite but I didn't know the embassy kept the original copy.

Anyway, seeing as I shoudn't have any trouble getting in I don't really need a copy of it now. I will take photocopies of the Visas though.

Thanks again.