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Allo people,

I'm travelling with a buddy to the world cup in Germany in June and we have 4 days off between a few games here and there. On one break we are venturing to Barcelona, but for the other one we are contemplating either Austria or Swizterland. I would love to hear what people's thoughts are (preferences etc)...

Also how long would it be to travel to both places from Munich by train? Mind you we are wary of our budget also (minimal expenses on flights).

Is anyone else going to the world cup, and if so, where will you be based?

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Hey there,

Im going to Europe not to long and will also be in Germany for the World Cup. I will be based mostly in Poland, probably more of the western side so closer to Germany and from there to Berlin for example is only a 2 or 3 hour train ride im very sure, just to give you a rough idea. So Munich to Vienna or Salzburg, would take a little longer or maybe the same time from Munich. As for Switzerland im not so sure myself

Well i guess your lucky with the world cup tickets, ive applied so many times and still no luck!!! but still might get them (hopes!!!), however i will still be in either Munich or Berlin during the world cup.

Goodluck to your trip..

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Hi Spin,
If you are looking for a purely outdoorsy 4 days, then Switzerland might be a better option. If you are looking for a mix of outdoorsy stuff and culture, Austria is a better bet. I'd also imagine Austria would work out better from a cost perspective.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the replies guys..

Auspolak - Perhaps I'll see you in Munich after we beat Brazil :)

I would definitely say the Austrian option would work out cheaper...

Wondering about the nightlife also...

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looks like I've hit a brick

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Well Austria has better nightlife, a train from Munich to Salzburg is only about 2 hours or so. I'm not sure how long it is to go to Vienna, but it's a lot longer than that. I'd say go to Vienna, it's a lovely city and there's a load of stuff to see and do, personally I like Switzerland out of the two but if you're looking for nightlife and the like then Austria is better.

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From munich to Zurich is about an hour maybe and hour and a half
Munich to Aus. it depeneds where you're going... to Innisbruck i think its about two hours but i don't remember.... from munich to eastern Aus. can be a loooong train ride.

If you want to go party I would probally suggest Aus.
Also Switzerland can get VERY expensive if you don't know what you're doing...

Both are really great... but the nightlife in Aus. would be much better than in Switzerland

Ich w√ľnsche dass ich war in Der Schweiz...