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11. Posted by Biggles1 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Not any more, read on...
Earlier this year we had to join a cruise ship in Auckland NZ and
misguidedly paid a surcharge to fly on what we perceived was a
premier carrier Air New Zealand, how wrong can you be.

During take-off from Heathrow water droplets came down from
the overhead locker area a member of the cabin staff stated its ok
we know about it. Soon after take-off the so called Cabin Services
Director announced the entertainment system was defunct, no
films, no music, nothing.

Halfway to Los Angele the intermediate stop, the water droplets
had become a deluge so much so that some 15 passengers had to
be moved as the cabin staff tried in vain to stem the flow with
whatever came to hand cushions even pillows. Following the
transit stop, still without entertainment we left LA.
Just two hours into the Los Angeles/Auckland sector the pilot
annouced the ‘water problem’ was now a safety issue and going
on not an option he aborted the flight and returned to Los

Upon arrival in LA in the early hours we were met by two
managerial types, one the Air New Zealand, Station Manager
Sheila O’Neil the other promptly told irrate passengers, some 35
who would now not make their cruise ship ‘We should not have let
it leave like it’

Twenty four hours later we continued the 12 hour sector to
Auckland. About halfway through such flights it is not unusual to
feel in need of ‘refreshments’ Quantas provide ‘goody bags’ other
operators set up a mini buffet in the galley. Air New Zealands
offering... minature bags of potato crisps and water. Summed up
by the cabin attendant, clearly piqued at drawing the short straw
for the ‘night shift’ - ‘that’s it take it or leave it.’

Following arrival in Auckland and after numerous demands the
cruiseless passengers met with two Air New Zealand ‘managers’
one Debbie McKeown who styles herself Service Manager
Ground the other styling herself Lindsey Pitt-Stanley Customer
Support Manger.

These two explained the cruiseless passengers plight as follows...
‘The water problem was identified and a label attached, it would
appear this label was removed probably by a junior crew member’

How any responsible airline can have such a cavalier approach to
what turns out to be, according to the aircraft Captain ‘a safety
issue’ and requires the flight to be aborted just beggars belief.

Question..why was the water problem not sorted at Heathrow or
again at Los Angeles, likewise the entertainment sytem. Might the
answer, those potato chips and water too, be found in Air New
Zealands recent financial history?

12. Posted by mjlayton (Full Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have flown ALOT of different airlines and I rate Air NZ as one of the best.

I just went on a flight with them on one of their new planes and it was fantastic. The food and service was good. I felt like I had a little more room and the new interactive tv's were very entertaining. The only gripe I had was that I missed the last 15 minutes of my movie as we had to turn it off for landing.

Anyway, I recommend them. People will always have different experiences with companies but personally I have never had a bad flight with them.

13. Posted by HaadRinGuide (Respected Member 550 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I flew with Air New Zealand to the Cook Islands and wasn't overly impressed. Our flight got delayed because of cyclones so they put us up I a hotel for the first night (legal minimum requirement) but then after that their service went rapidly downhill.

They told us to be reception at 12 oclock the next day for a bus that never arrived and also failed to tell us that the alternative flight we were booked on had also been cancelled. And by the time we were up-to-date on the situation most of the hotels in Auckland were booked out. I was okay cos I was happy to stay in a hostel, but some people had a lot of stress and one honeymoon couple ended up sleeping at the airport.

Also, as far as inflight service goes, they're okay but they aren't in Singapore's league. The staff were helpful when I had a problem with my headphones, but you don't get a private TV.

Overall I would say most of the lower level staff are pretty good but the people at the top organising things are pretty poor.

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