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21. Posted by SwissAdam (Budding Member 6 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Years ago I was in Chur, Switzerland. It was my first time in Schweiz and i was amazed how technally advanced this place was. The one thing i couldn't figure out though was what the red handle on the esclator. I finally convinced myself that it changed the dierction of the esclator... I thought it made sense. I pulled it, the esclator stopped, the alarm sounded. Long story short i was chased back to the hostel...

Ich wünsche dass ich war in der Schweiz...

22. Posted by sapphyre (Respected Member 418 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Hi all!

some pretty interesting posts here...mine's not so life-threatening though :)

I was staying with a host family in Germany couple of years ago when I was attending a summer language course. Had to pass a playgroud and walk through a narrow lane to get to the house from the main road. So the other girl the family was hosting and I went back around midnight on a Friday. It was pretty dark apart from some lights and there was this fella in a large black hooded robe lighting white candles all around the playground and on the branches of the surrounding trees. We couldn't see any part of this person's body at all as he as lighted the candles. Needless to say, we were freaked and quickened our steps through the narrow lane. If I was alone I think I would have ran!

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Fun thread!

Most of my scary stories have happened in the States.

When I was in college, I convinced my dad to go to North Dakota (in December! ) to meet the Mandan and Hidatsa tribes as a part of an archaeology project. Don't ask why--long story. They're amazing people, though. We lived in southwest Kansas at the time, so on the way back, we took the most direct route, which plotted straight through the Black Hills in South Dakota. We stopped at Mt. Rushmore, and with the sun going down and snow falling, I thought it would make for a great walk on the plank pathway. I rounded the corner coming past a large boulder...and there was a very large brown bear. REALLY large, and not more than 20 feet away. I very slowly walked backwards for about 100 yards or so, and then calmy made my way back up to the visitors' center to find my dad.

That summer, he and I were driving in SW Kansas when a storm came rolling through, as often happens out there. Only this time, we were in the most sparsely populated part of the state (Greeley county). Nowhere to go, and a tornado started coming down. No ditches, no houses--nothing for miles. Kept driving south with the pedal all the way to the floor, and we managed to make it out OK, but I would have preferred to have planned a storm chasing adventure, as opposed to coming across it.

24. Posted by rbyslipahs (Respected Member 349 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

This is my brother's two cents worth: He and I were travelling through Scotland after he graduated from high school. We stayed at Carbisdale Castle, a youth hostel a couple of hours north of Inverness in Sutherland. I had a rather uneventful night, but not so much for my bro! He was put up in a room that used to be the nursery, and is said to be the "most haunted" area in the castle. All night long, he put up with what sounded like an elephant trying to break down the door, the window directly over his head opening, the sounds of children running up and down the hallway (no children were staying there that night--we asked), and in the morning, he couldn't open the door at first. It finally flew open, and then he couldn't get it shut. It, of course, slammed shut on him. I've never seen my kid brother that petrified! I had a very comfortable night's sleep, though. Poor kid!

25. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Whilst travelling in Vietnam, we went on a trip to Ha Long Bay. The trip was supposed to be for 2 days & 1 night, this included a night staying on a boat, which had been highly recommended. Although we had a fantastic day, the nightmare began when the sun went down & very thick fog emerged, this was while we were on our way to cat bar island to dock for the night. The boat had to stop as it literally couldn't see anything in front! With no radio or raidar, people started getting pretty worried, whether we would make it back as there was no way in communicating to anybody! What didn't help matters was the crew telling everyone "we cannot move boat, otherwise we crash into rock" (due to limited English). Plus half of the passengers were supposed to stay in a hotel in Cat Bar island, so in the end everyone stayed over night on the boat, which was docked in the middle of the sea in Ha Long Bay, not knowing where the hell we were, we just had to wait until the morning, hoping that the fog would clear!

Luckily by 8am the next morning the fog had cleared & the boat was able to go to Cat Bar Island & finish the trip off! Except most people wanted to get back to Ha Long city ASAP. What an ordeal, nobody recieved any apologies. I suppose that is the Vietnam experience for you! Ha Long Bay is stunning & don't let this put you off, we were just unlucky.

26. Posted by andrewp (Budding Member 3 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Confronting the fried bug snack carts in Thailand was pretty terrifying...


27. Posted by rbyslipahs (Respected Member 349 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Quoting andrewp

Confronting the fried bug snack carts in Thailand was pretty terrifying...

Ha ha! Yum yum! Don't you like a crunchy bag of crickets?

28. Posted by SuperBrat (Full Member 106 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Almost 12 months ago, I was working with a broadway type production company performing their UK tour. We were on the rod for 8 weeks on the trot. It was tiring but bloody good fun.
It was our first night in Glasgow, and I had just come back to my digs after dinner with the crew in their accommodation that was a £10 cab fare away. I stepped out of the cab and was about 20feet away from my front door when someone jumped on me from behind. I thought it was one of the crew just fooling around, but when I felt my bag being snatched, I realised what was going on. I was shouting at the top of my lungs, but my voice sounded so small and faint. I could see people in the windows upstairs chatting over a glass of wine, putting dishes away, so oblivious to my screams. I never felt so helpless in all my life. But I tugged back and kicked him hard in the shin, and thats when he yanked the bag and I went flying backwards on the pavement. He ran, and I gave chase still screaming, never once thinking what I would do if he turned to face me. He ran off into the night, and two angels appeared from the bottom of the street saying that they heard my screams and that my purse had fallen out in the struggle. I never felt so relieved to see another human being in all my life, and I started shaking like a leaf.
It was traumatic, and I was not able to stand without my back against something solid like a wall for a long time after that, and my heart would beat quickly if I heard footsteps behind me.
Scary stuff, but Im over it now :)

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Hahaha, the scariest moment of my life is every second as I LIVE in Glasgow hahaha. Nah, just kidding. That's an unfortunate thing to happen and, touch wood, it has never happened to me and I have walked about in some dodgy areas late at night. Glasgow is a really safe city but you need some common sense too.

30. Posted by ms. travel (First Time Poster 1 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

i was attacked for apparently no reason. i was in siberia, in the capital city, novosibirsk. i suppose i looked like an interesting target because i stuck out like a sore thumb among the russians since i am south east asian. it was the first race-related crime i ever experienced and i was terrified. it was just my first month in novosibirsk. after that, i experienced regular harrassments, and since i started learning russian, i understood the derogatory remarks they would shout at me.
i left siberia sooner than i planned. if my safety was going to be compromised because i come from a different race, then i do not care to stay in a country like that anymore.
thankfully, i did not have the same problem in moscow and st. petersburg, but i will never go back to russia alone again.(i know i dont plan on returning to siberia)