What has been your scariest moment??

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31. Posted by Hawaii AP (First Time Poster 1 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

I have quite a few 'close calls':

1. White water rafting what was supposed to be level 4 rapids but turned out to be 5+ in Banos, Ecuador. Some of the people on my raft didn't get away just a few scrapes like me!

2. Taking a mini-van from ChangMai to Pai in Thailand....I think the driver was drunk or either in just a rediculous hurry!

3. The ferry in Egypt from the mainland to Sinai. I think I heard that one of these ferries sank a few months ago and I'm not surprised!

One thing I've learned traveling is to never assume the people taking you on tours or transportation will care about keeping you alive. You have to take on that responsibility for yourself and if you don't feel comfortable, be prepared to not participate in whatever it is.

32. Posted by Cale Cross (Budding Member 28 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Mine self inflicted does that count?
In Morocco I was alone attempting to purchase weed from a Hash house. After several hours of smoking the purest stuff I've ever had (straight off the block)I attempted to pay but then realised I only had 10% of the cash I needed (my maths had gone to pot).

At this point, the guy (who had spent hours preparing it and giving me joints) selling got pissed off. I stood up and as they say round my way "I pulled a Whitey".

As I was uncontrolably but consiously passing out, I was convinced I would (not) wake in a ditch minus some organs.

Needless to say everything was fine, although the guy was not happy. Gringos.

Kids, don't try this at home... ;)

33. Posted by moscowmetr (Full Member 267 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

I would have to say it was when I took a cab in Moscow thinking I was heading to a dance club at 2 am, just to be taken to an apartment complex where four guys beat me into unconsciencness with billy clubs then not remebering a thing until three hours later when I crawled into my hostel bed...scary part was when I woke up at 11am and looked in the mirror. The white part of the eye which I could open was all red with blood. Those crazy Russians.

34. Posted by afasullo (First Time Poster 1 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Hi, im Adam. Aussie, 17 and traveled to almost every continent. Id have to say that my most scary experience was in Fiji. I had signed up for this horse ride up one of the mountains. Anyway at the top of the mountain was a small river and lake. At one side of the lake was a steep cliff edge that was about 8 meters above the water, and all the locals were jumping off into the water. Cutting a long story short, being 14 I decided to give this cliff a go, but the bloody thing was so high once I got to the top I froze up. The locals all wanted me to jump but I was really scared, anyway the tour guide (who was just another local), big and fat as he was decides to throw me in sideways. At the bottom of the cliff were a few sharp rocks and this massive boulder. When he threw me, it was at an angle where my head came within an inch of this jagged rock. Any closer and I wouldn’t be here to retell this story. I sometimes remind myself of the saying "when your numbers up" I guess mine wasn’t.
(Almost like nickelbacks Savin' Me)

35. Posted by TravelMc (Full Member 93 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

When I was in Bangkok I decided to go by tuk tuk to see some sights. The hotel arranged the tuk tuk for me and when we were underway he asked if I wanted to go the 'scenic way' which I did being new to the place and having no idea what that would mean but expecting to be shown the nice drive to the sights. Instead he took me to a jewellers and then a silk tailor and then somewhere else each time promising me he was takin gme to my destinatin. He was fairly harmless but well practised at suddenly not speaking english! I was a bit peeved when I got to my destination but thought I had learned enough to not fall in the same trap. When I stopped a young tuk tuk driver to take me back I bargained that he would take me direct for a slightly higher price. As we got underway he was chatting away asking me questions and then he pulled up next to another driver and started talking Thai. I got really suspicious cos he kept looking at me over his shoulder. Then he suddenly stopped and asked if I spoke Thai - I really wish I did and couldn't say yes in case he started speaking Thai to me so I said no. He poulled away from the other driveer and took a twisty alleyway pulling over and telling me to get out as he wouldn't take me back. I had no idea where I was or how to get back and got totally freaked. then he said another driver was just there to take me the rest of the way. He didn't speak or anything just took me about 2 minutes to my hotel! I was really peeved that I was so close to my destiantion and this young guy had obviously taken the mickey! But very pleased thats all he had done.

36. Posted by silvercann (Budding Member 38 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

When I went to Tunisia, the hotel assigned me to the bus taking me back to the airport a day late. The manager had me sit and wait the entire last day I was there for him to change the bus info. When he finished, he wanted me to pay him $70 for having done all the work to make the change. I refused and he tore my airline ticket up in front of me. I did what any girl would do and faked crying, gave him the money. He took a blank 81/2 x 10 piece of paper, wrote something on it, and sent me to the airport with the piece of paper as a ticket. When I arrived at the airport, I was pulled out of the line, escorted through a side door and into the boarding area. I held my breath until the airplane had lifted off.

37. Posted by che guava (First Time Poster 1 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Scary moment- backpacking in France, Me and a mate were stuck at a train station, waiting for a really early train. We were sitting on the bench outside and met this algerien guy who spied our bottle of wine. Anyway after a bit he offered us somewhere to stay til the train left, we thought he was just up for an all night wine and whiskey sesh, so aye, why not? Anyway turns out he was a roaring alcoholic, gay builder who had been drinking 'lait fermentee' (milk with butane bubbled through it) and he wanted to "Fuck two people" He then got up, pissed in the sink over his dishes and passed out on the floor.

Off we popped.

38. Posted by tigger89 (Budding Member 6 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

While I was in Hawaii I had a real close call. I was in Oahu at Waimea Beach the waves actually started picking up and were hitting the beach pretty hard. The lifeguards had yet to put up the warning signs for the beach, so my buddies and I decided to try to go swimming out there. Well we all got hit by one huge wave that pushed me to the bottom and held me under for what seemed like eternity but was probably only 10 seconds at most. As soon as it died down I was able to surface and get back on the beach. My other buddies had the same problem, but one of the two females in our group had it bad. She resurfaced with her hair all messed up and her bikini was starting to come off slightly. If we hadn't been so near death I would have had a good laugh. It wasn't till a couple of days later that we were able to actually laugh about it.

39. Posted by shakin (First Time Poster 1 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

I had two very close calls coming down route 1 in California, from Monterey to Big Sur, both in the same spot. The road traverses a cliff face, on one side it is about a mile almost straight down onto jagged rocks and the ocean, on the other a cliff face going straight up. I was hitchhiking both times. The first time a German guy and myself got a ride in the back of a pick up, there is one very sharp set of curves at the highest point of the road. The driver came into the curve way to fast, I think he must have been high or something, I was hollering for him to slow down, but he ignored me. We ended up side swiping the guard rails on the ocean side, and just barely got around the set of corners. We were hollering the whole way to Big Sur for him to let us out, and he just ignored us. When we got to the River Inn in Big Sur he calmly stopped, let us out, and acted like nothing ever happened when we confronted him, it was the wierdest thing. The next time, I got a ride in a small delivery van, full of cases of fruit. I figured this guy was a local and knew the roads, boy was I wrong. He was traveling pretty fast, and when we were coming up to the bad set of corners, I said, you do know about the sharp corners coming up. He said yaya, and proceeded to fly into the corner at break neck speed, we just barley got around the first one, and than were flung in front of an oncoming car, sliding almost sideways and just barley missing it. I don't know how we survived but we did. Needless to say my lips were covered with dirt from kissing the ground so much when we got to Big Sur.

40. Posted by kellyb78 (Budding Member 58 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Think I cursed myself when I started this thread!! I recently joined a dive club and and went on my first diving trip to Scotland for the easter weekend. Anyway on sunday we went out in our tornado boats in rough weather and completed our dives, on the way back one of our speedboats overturned in 6 ft swells and we had to rescue our mates who had been thrown out of the boat. We then had to wait for the RNLI to come and pick up the lads who were totally freezing by this point, in the rough seas. Then after the RNLI had turned up we set off back (the weather had got worse by this point) and half way back the boat was chucking us all over and our radio packed up. All I could think about was the weather throwing us off the boat and having no radio and the RNLI being an hour behind us! We got back safely but found out on our return that a diver from one of our other local clubs had lost his life on a different dive. It really made me appreciate life and realise that no matter how bad off you feel, there is always someone worse off than you!
I'd like to thank RNLI and let others know how great these people are!!