Jamaica is it safe for girls traveling alone?

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anyone been to jamaica? i want to go to surf but ill be going by myself..ive had mixed reactions about it. is it safe or not?
any feed back would be appreciated

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Not been to Jamaica, but you'll definitely attract a lot of attention (some maybe wanted, some definitely unwanted) if you're a lady on your own in most Caribbean countries.
I don't know what the surf scene is like in Jamaica, but here in TnT once you get to know some of the surfers they tend to look out for you, help you out and take you to new places, etc which is cool!

It would probably help if you get in touch with a surf club or something and ask their advice and see if you could meet up with them on arrival.

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I have been to Jamaica twelve times, but I am a diver, not a surfer. Jamaica has a reputation of being one of the lesser friendly Caribbean Islands. Sometimes that is true, sometime not - depending on the government's push to attract tourism. Personally, I have never had a problem, but I also have not traveled there completely alone. I (we) stay in hotels, rather than hostels - but that's just us. ;)

I can make these recommendations (and they are not meant to scare you - just make you aware):

1) Do not go out after dark alone, no matter where you are staying.
2) Do not go hiking in the mountains alone.
3) Only carry small amounts of money with you at any one time.
4) Be aware of your surrounding (as you would anywhere in the world - just common sense).
5) Do not walk the beaches at night alone.
6) If you need a cab, ask someone at the hotel/hostel to arrange it for you.

Jamaica does have one of the higher crime rates when compared with other Caribbean islands. You will draw attention to yourself by being a single female traveler, so, as Clare said, try to arrange meeting up with other surfers prior to your arrival so they can help you catch great waves and still be safe.

Here is what I found about surfing in Jamaica:

'Surfing has never really taken off in Jamaica and the Jamaica Surfing Association was only set up in 1999 by Billy Wilmot (of reggae band Mystic Revealers). He has also set up the Jamnesia Surf Club, at Bull Bay east of Kingston, to provide a home for local and travelling surfers. The club is run by the Wilmot family, who are all surfers, and one of whom is in the National Surf Team. The club runs surfing camps during the summer.

The best conditions for surfing are on the north east and south east coasts. There can be waves year round, but the best time is between November and late spring. Jamnesia is close to some lively spots including the Zoo, the Lighthouse and Prospect, just east of Morant Bay. The conditions are probably best over on the north east coast, particularly around Long Bay, Boston Bay and, just beyond Port Antonio, Orange Bay.

Note that there are currently no surf shops in Jamaica so you will need to bring all of your gear with you.'

Jamnesia Surf Club - Telephone: 876-750-0103, E-mail: jamnesiasurf@yahoo.com

Source: The Definitive Caribbean Travel Guide - Jamaica

I hope that is of some help! ;)

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You will have to learn how to protect yourself agains crime....
more so in Kingston than other areas.
The best way is to find someone to hang out with as soons as you get there.
I don't want implicate that someone will rob you or abduct you (although this has been happening in Jamaica to girls more often than anywhere else), but once they figure out that you are a single girl - you will become annoyed very quickly with pushy locals.

It is not recommanded that you leave the resort you are staying at, especially at night. Expect for people to offer you drugs everywhere. Don't take rides with strangers.

Try to stick with a group of people if yu do sightseeing.
There is plenty to see and the county is beautiful, but unfortunatelly it is rates as oe of the most dangerous islands in the Caribben.