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I need some flying up to Brisbane for a couple days in between some other travel plans I have made. I have 3 days to kill and was wondering, in your opinion, would you spend the 3 days in Brisbane, or spend a day in Brisbane and then go check out Byron Bay as well? I know it totally depends on the person, but I will be by myself and im afraid that 3 days will be too much time in Brisbane because I have heard there is not much to do there. I have been researching some day tours in Brisbane and there isnt much!! On the other hand I'm having a hard time finding a highly regarded hostel in Byron...Does anyone have any advice on what they would do in my situation? It's just because im alone that im worried about getting bored. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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why not one day bryon, one surfers and the last brisbane. I suggest heading to morecomb bay in brisbane for your trip.

hope this helps

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The Arts Factory was an awesome hostel I stayed at. Actually I camped there in this absolutely enormous sea of tents, so large that I'm pretty sure if there was a fire then some people would've got stuck there.

Anyway they had a huge number of activities to do so you won't get bored. I did the day trip out to Nimbin (this hippy commune out in the hills) to have a look around and also lay around the beach. I was only there for two days so I didn't really get the time to do much but I remember they had something to do most nights.

Also how are you getting down to Byron? It's a fair coach ride so I think you'd be better off giving the Gold Coast a look-see as it's only a few hours from Brisbane itself.

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Thanks guys! I was thinking about taking a greyhound, its almost 4 hours :( I think I have changed my mind again though. I am supposed to start working in Townsville on the 26th of April (right after my 3 day excursion to magnetic island) and I thought 10 days in Sydney might be a little much all by myself. So I wanted to break it up by taking a cheap domestic flight somewhere on the coast and checking it out. So I thought Brisbane would be fun, and thought of maybe seeing Byron a bit too. After careful consideration, and realizing it costs pretty much the exact same, I think im gonna head up to Cairns and see what it has to offer, then head to townsville after that. Any tips on some fun stuff to check out in Cairns??