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Buenos Aires to Lima with bus

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1. Posted by martinSWE (Budding Member 16 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello there guys!
I think I've seen a similair thread like this one before, I'm not quite sure, but please don't cut my head off for starting a new one=)

A mate and I are going from Buenos Aires (23 April) to Lima (need to be ther by 5 June) by bus!

We are thinking of seeing Iguazu falls on oure way there and then via Paraguay; maybe 7 days here?any ideas on what to do, what to see etc???

Then we'll have aprox two weeks in Bolivia, and the same question goes here, any ideas on what to do etc?

Then on to Lake Itaca and then Cuzco, doing the trail=) and then a quick and cheap bus to Lima to catch our flight on June 5th.

So basically what I'm wondering is: We want to travell by bus, to see more, meet more people and it's cheap. Any travellers with similair experiences, that is PRICES, is there such a route??is this possible etc???

And the other question will be to ask all nice souyls out there for advice on what to do(and not do=)
Where to stay
Prices, whatr budget will be realistic, bus fares,"adventures like hourseback riding=) etc. Is 25$ a day too optimistic to cover all this?

hehe I know, MANY questions, sorry about that guys=)

Any other ideas are warmly welcome=)


2. Posted by chase (Budding Member 33 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I've done Bogota to Ushuaia by bus, and although it is loads of travelling - it is possible and you mmet loads of people. From BsAs you can get a direct bus to Iguazu. from Puerto Iguazu there is a local bus to Ciudad del Este ( Paraguay) where you can get a connection to Ascencion. Best bet is to cross back into Argentina from here and head for Salta - one of my favorite places! It is an easy journey to the Bolivian border at La Quiaca.
I must warn you about Bolivian public transport - especially coming from the luxury of Argentinian buses!!!
From La Quiaca there is a train three times a week to Uyuni where you can visit the amazing salt flats. From Uyuni it is an overnight journey to La Paz. Dont miss the tijuanaca ruins outside the city.
from La Paz get the bus to Isla del sol on Lago Titicaca, then go on to Puno (Peru) Please make sure you stop for a beer in the incredible Bar Positive Vibrations - tell the boss Gerol that Nicki told you to come and you will get a free drink!!!
From Puno there is a bus to Cuzco.
if you have time in Peru - visit Arequipa (Colca Canyon) and Huacachina( amazing sandboarding down huge dunes!) before heading to Lima.
your budget depends on what you want to do - long (20 hour) bus journeys average about $20-$30 but you can save money on tours by going to places of interest on public transport.
Hostels average about $5 - $10 per night, and if you eat at locals restaurants you can get a meal for $1.
Good luck

3. Posted by Macachae (Full Member 240 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

traveling by Bus is such a nice experience a little, running from B.A. also you can stop by Santa Fé or Cordoba before Iguazu, from them I´ll recommend a visit to Salta in Step of Paraguay, Them crossing to Bolivia by La Quiaca in Jujuy ( when you´ll have a approchememt to a very traditional argentinian culture) and you´ll have a beautiful route...

4. Posted by martinSWE (Budding Member 16 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks guys!
A great Idea going out of Paraguay and then stopping by at Salta etc..
Better than what we had in mind, going through Paraguay.

Thanks again for the info!