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1. Posted by dan_sulley (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Why visit Cuba?

Hi all,

I am a British research student who is in need of your assistance- I am carrying out a small-scale project on tourism in Cuba.

For one aspect of my research, I need to find out why people choose to holiday or travel to Cuba. I would appreciate any responses or suggestions given, and of course, any responses will be kept private if I may include a quote or two in my project write up.

Alao, does anyone think that tourism in the country will decline now Cuba has removed the U.S. dollar from circulation??

Thankyou for any feedback,


2. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

The majority of the reasons to visit Cuba are pretty much the same as any place in the Carribean - beautiful beaches, warm weather, good food, good value and interesting culture. Cuba has a well developed tourist infrastructure much like other popular destinations in the area like Dominican Republic or Mexico.

One of the big advantages of Cuba is that because of the embargo the US has, Americans cannot go there. That's 300+ million less potential tourists. Therefore, the prices are lower than other places in the Carribean.


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people choose to go to Cuba for all the above reasons which Greg mentioned. Also becuase it is safe and tourist friendly with a high police presence everywhere (especially in Havana). They also go for the good nightlife - dancing, salsa, nightclubs. They go because of the truthful rumour that Cubans are friendly and open people and look after their guests.

They also go for the cigars and rum.

A lot of men also go to Cuba meet Cuban ladies.

With regards to your second question it is hard to tell, but I think the mystery of the place, the fact that it is is so politically isolated from the rest of the world may still tempt many tourists to the Cuban shores.

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I go to Cuba to study the people, the politics & the effects of the U.S. Embargo (or as Cubans rightly call it, "El Bloqueo" - "The Blockade") on the people. I then travel to the U.S. to hold seminars to show my photos & tell the truth about Cuba & Cubans. I feel that the truth as it pertains to Cuba is not being told to Americans in their own country, hence their support/apathy regarding their government's embargo of the island.

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I've been to Cuba 18 times so far.
this sumemr I will marry there ...and no, not to a Cuban, heh, but my fiance and I love the place beyond words. Now, since I've hopped on and off most Caribbean islands - I can tell you the main and biggest difference are the people.

I know people who would rather vacation in a 2 star Cuban hotel than a luxury hotel elsewhere, because here they can communicate with people without being obligated to give something in return. You will learn how to dance salsa, speak some spanish, make friends and learn that money isn't everything.
(too bad most people get just 1 week to reflect on all this)

Cubans will go out of their way to show you the real Cuba, take you out at night and also introduce you to their families. They will not ask for anything in return (however, it would be nice to give them gifts if you feel they deserved it).

No luxury suite can substitute human attentivness.

And yes, of course, the beaches are gorgeous... the cities and towns full of history.... and it is still cheaper than most places in the Caribben.

The crime rate is very low and the education level very high.
Cuba is by far the safest place to travel to with kids if you don't want to be stuck within bounderies of an all inclusive resort.
Probably also the only place where you can leave your things on the beach when you go for dinner.

As far as them not using the US Dollar anymore?
It only doesn't work out for Americans anyways. It is not better for eveyone that's coing down with Euros< Cnd Dollars or other currency because the commission they charge is lesser. As far as US Dollars; just don't take them. I don't think this will effect them as far as tourism goes.

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You like cigars my friend?
You like taxi my friend?
You like restaurant my friend?
You like woman my friend?... yes you like woman!! he he he

Yeah thats how it goes but you get used to it pretty quick... anyway....

Yeah, I went last year for the laugh more than anything else... I didn't know anyone that had been there, didn't know anything about it, hadn't heard stories, but I did figure that Castro wouldn't live for ever...

Obviously this isn't what i feel anymore, but you wanted to know why I went. Eh... I looked at the size of countries and guessed which one I could travel which would be interesting, relatively tourist free, and the right size to do in the time I had (about three and a half weeks).

It really was that simple.... I didn't put a lot of thought into it... I figured I'd see everywhere sometime so no point hinking about it too much!!