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OK, here goes, this is going to be a long one, so I'll apologize in advance for that.

This is just a list of stuff that I have found to do if you come to visit NYC, or if you live around here and are bored stiff.

1. Take a NYC cruise. There are several cruise lines which will take you around the entire island of Manhattan. Some serve dinner, some stop at Ellis Island, although the statue of liberty is still closed until summer.

2. Visit Times Square. Lots of TV stations broadcast from here, such as MTV, ESPN, David Letterman(whatever channel he is on), and Saturday Night Live(again not sure on the channel). There is a ton of shopping if you're into that, street performers... Such as the ever-popular
"Naked Cowboy"(you'd have to see for yourself).

3. Central Park. (during the day). Central Park is nice. The trees are thick enough there where you can't even see any buildings from some parts of it. Some fairly well known bands will play free concerts there throughout the summer months, and there are sometimes festivals and such to go to there as well.

4. NYC Museums. The Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Lincoln Arts Center, and many others that I can't remember right now. There are tons of museums in Manhattan and the other Burroughs, not even counting the rest of New York State.

5. The Wharf. An old harbor or wharf, whatever you want to call it with a bunch of historic ships that you can tour. There are some nice resteraunts close by too... It is just behind water street, starting around Pine and runs up a few blocks.

6. The USS Intrepid. An old de-commisioned Aircraft Carrier owned by NYC. Besides being an actual aircraft carrier that you can take tours of there are museums on board dealing with Aviation and Space exploration. Not to mention a fairly extensive collection of old military planes sitting on it's decks.

7. See a Broadway Show. Broadway is arguably the most well known theater district in the USA, with top rated shows running constantly. They have also reintroduced 2fers on Tues and Wed I believe, where you get two tickets for the price of one.

8. St. Patrick's Cathedral. The seat of the Catholic Church in New York, this gothic style cathedral boasts some stunning architecture both inside and out, and used to be the end point of the St. Patrick's Day parade, before the current route was established. Even if you are not a Catholic, it is still worth seeing for the wood work, architecture, and statues inside the Church.

9. The Firezone. Although this is probably more geared for kids, I still really enjoy this place. It is a fire-fighting museum and expedition where they fight mock fires and teach you to crawl through smoke filled rooms and such. I guess the kid in me still thinks I might be a fireman someday.

10. Gotham City's Comedy Club. A comedy club which has boasted acts from many of Saturday Night Live's alumni and Jerry Seinfeld's old digs. This is one of the, if not the best, comedy club in NYC.

11. The Empire State Building. There are stunning views from the top of this building, where it seems like you can see all of NYC and the rest of the world on clear days.

12. Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. In my humble opinion it is not as good as the one in London, but if you are in NYC then you aren't in London, and this one still is very good.

13. The New York Aquarium. I just found out about this one while I was looking stuff up, but I plan to visit it in the near future. It has daily Sea Lion shows, and its website says it houses thousands of species of marine wildlife.

14. The Statue of Liberty. Sadly this attraction is still closed since Sept. 11th. It is set to reopen sometime in the summer of 2004 though.

15. Be in the audience of any number of TV shows filmed in NYC. There are too many to try and list them all, but most TV shows are free to watch, the downside is the most popular ones have quite a waiting list.

16. Professional sports. The Knicks, the Rangers, the Devils, the Yankees, the Mets, the Giants, the Jets, the Islanders, not even getting into minor league teams. NYC has a bunch of professional sports.

17. Canal Forge. An active blacksmith shop about an hour or so outside of NYC. Oldest blacksmith shop in the USA that is still active, or something along those lines. Supposed to be very traditional.

18. Woodbury Commons. Popular outlet center about an hour outside of NYC. Very popular spot with International tourists. Has stores like Burberry and Coach that my girlfriend can't get enough of, all at prices well below the norm.

19. Hawk's Nest Drive. In Port Jervis NY, a couple hours outside of NYC. It is a popular stretch of road that is a common place for auto companies to film car advertisements.

20. Hudson Highlands Cruise. A cruise up the Hudson River. Another one I haven't tried yet, but there is some really neat towns up that way so I want to check it out sometime.

21. Hudson Birds of Prey and Raptors Center. Another one I am dieing to check out. I just found out about this one today and I plan on going very soon. They house birds of prey preparing to release them into the wild, as well as taking a select few and training them for hunting.

22. Virtual Reality Nascar Racing. About an hour out of NYC in a huge mall that they built recently. You go and drive a car against other drivers, the car really moves... It's a good time if you like auto racing.

23. Bear Mountain Lodge. Another one about an hour from the City, has a lodge, an old style carousel lots of great hiking trails and lakes that you can go fishing in. One of my favorite spots in New York

24. Six Flags Great Adventure. About an hour South of NYC in New Jersey. Features rollercoasters and water rides. My cousin(who is 14) loves this place and told me to add it to the list.

That's it for now. If you need more info on any of these places let me know.

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Wow!! Great list there Ian - I'm really looking forward to the upcoming visit You've inspired me to put together one of these lists for Melbourne too soon - stay tuned people!!

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Great list!

This trip should be a good one.... can't go wrong with that many options!!!!

I am keen on several of these options including the birds of prey and a tv show appearance (can we do letterman/leno or something???). Also high up on my list are comedy and broadway shows.

I think I saw the Naked Cowboy last time I was on Times Square actually :) Reminded me of this guy who does an acrobatic show on the Leidse Plein in Amsterdam in a g-string..... besides the look, what he does is pretty spectacular considering he builds a whole trapeze construction every day on the square (weather permitting)!



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I will check on those things Sam, Letterman might be doable, I will see if there is much of a waiting list. Leno would be tough. It is filmed 3500 miles away in LA

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The Naked cowboy was on the news here a few months back. He wouldn't say exactly what he pulls in doing what he does, but it is more than I make in a year, I couldn't believe it when he said he made more than 100,000 dollars US in a year at one point.

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I Need to Add This to my original post.

As far as going to watch a television show live. It seems that this is a more popular thing than I would have thought. Many of the tv shows have waiting lists for tickets of up to a year. Some of the shows get so many requests that they actually have a lottery to see who gets them.

So if you are coming to New York, or LA and hope to do that one, be sure to make reservations to see the show well before your trip.

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To add to the great list here, we found out a couple of days ago that the Staten Island ferry is free!! So if you don't want to fork out the money for a tour (or don't feel like that kind of experience), you can just hop on a free ferrry - about an hour roundtrip. Not much to see on Staten Island (that we could find anyway), although we had some donuts and coffee over there before heading back.

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One of the best things about NYC is the shopping! I'm a female and may be a little biased about this, tee hee, but if you go to China Town you can get great deals! Plus all the other stuff like designer shops and Barneys.....they may not be affordible, but it's fun to look! What's that really corny saying? : even if you're on a diet, it doesn't mean you can't look at the menu

Katie ;)