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Hi. My name is Jane and i am an Occupational Therapist here in the Philippines. I would like to know how can i process my papers so i will be able to work in NZ as a Therapist. I dont know who should i contact and i have to take further studies or an exam to be qualified. Hope somebody could help me out. Thanks.

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Try the Professional Association for Occupational Therapists
in New Zealand.

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Hi there,

you will have to go through NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority).

If they need to evaluate you qualification before you can work be prepared for the following:

- spending lots on money, as you need to get all your documents translated by a appr.translator and certified as well
- spending lots of money on postage, NZQA itself, photocopies etc.
- you'll need lots of patients and time
- they don't have to accept your qualifcation

I had to go through hell with them... and in the end, after spending approx. 1000 NZ$ they didn't recognise my qualification (Early Childhood), although the country is short of teacher and they are extremly desperate!!!!!

I hope u'll have better experience than I did!
contact me, if you need to, as I know the system here pretty well by now...


P.S.: Often it is not over after you've gone through NZQA... in many occupations you still need to register,which again costst money, another (paper) process, time...
Also remember, that you still need your visas sorted out to be allowed to work!!!

NZ knows how to make money (with all the foreigners/nationalities they've got here!!!! )

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sorry, for all my typing mistakes, but I'm off to work...

patience/patients... etc.