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Me and a mate are planning a 2 week trip to the US in September. We want to see a couple of places and are pretty set on New York for the first week. Second week and we're not so sure. We were quite keen on San Diego, but the travelling cost sort of put us off.

Where would you guys suggest within a reasonable distance/cost of New York, or do you think it's worth forking out that bit extra and going somewhere further afield?

Thanks for your help.

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I can recommend Chicago. It's closer and good deals on airfares can be found.
Here's an example: Cheapflights.com

The weather will still be great at that time. The Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science & Industry are worth the trip. (Also, the schools will be back in session so tourist traffic will be less.) The 28th Annual Chicago Jazz Festival will run August 31st - September 3rd on the lakefront. There is also the Guinness Oyster Fest being held September 16th, noon-11pm. (Sorry, just checked your profile - they'll let you eat oysters but they probably won't serve you the Guinness... Illinois' drinking age is 21.)

Rarely is there nothing to do in Chicago. More special events, festivals and attractions will be added to online listings as the weeks pass.

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There's nothing like being on the east coast in a city like NY and then, voila, on a nice sandy beach in California next. Even though San Diego is a large city it really is quite unique and laid back.
If you come to the States every year then you may just want to do San Diego another time. However, if you come every 3 or 5 years or so then spend the extra cash, stick to your dreams, and go to San Diego. It's such a nice contrast.

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Denver is another great option if you want to do some outdoor type activities. It's rapidly becoming a favorite of mine.

Of course it's really about what you like to do. If it's beaches then San Diego is the best choice at that time of year (hurricane season in Florida), Colorado for the mountains, but there are dozens of other choices depending on your tastes. What do you want to do? or see?

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boston, and massachusets. gorgeus.

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Washington, D.C.

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It really depends what you're looking for in your trip. Washington has plenty to keep you entertained for a week and if you're looking to stay close, that's the place I'd recommend. If you go to Washington, you could also take a day and visit Baltimore and the Inner Harbor, which has been redeveloped in recent years and is actually pretty nice. You might also consider taking another day or two and heading over to Delaware and hitting up some beaches. It's maybe a three hour (or so) drive from DC. If you're just wanting to relax and not do as much sightseeing, I'd say either go somewhere like Miami, San Diego, or LA. Chicago would also be a good option if you're wanting to get away from the east coast. Good luck with your trip and enjoy!

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the obvious choice is Boston!! ur soo close and its a wonderful city!

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Have been to New York every year sine 95, absolutely amazing place but any more than 5 days and the place will start to get in on you, would absolutely recommend Boston for good pubs (although night life finishes at about 3am) but would put Boston defo. on your list if you have a week to spare. it's only about 6 hours from NY and you won't be disappointed