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I realize it depends on the quality of service you receive, etc., but generally speaking - what is the appropriate range for tipping a guide getting you across the Inca Trail?

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I don't recall what I paid, but your guide will make a recommendation of what to tip the porters on the last night of the hike. Everyone literally put money in a hat, and then during a very sweet but brief ceremony, all the hikers, porters and guides gathered in a circle.

A representative from the hikers who spoke Spanish said a few words of gratitude to the porters and gave the tip to a rep from the porters. I believe on my hike, the guide got a portion of the whole. Some of us gave extra to our guide in addition to the group tip. Hope that helps - it's nothing to worry about, but bring some extra soles so you can buy water, snacks on the way.

I don't expect you'd need more than 50 soles on the trail, depending on what you decide to do right after the hike (stay in Aguas Calientes or return to Cusco immediately).

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When I was there, our head guide recommended that we tip our porters 50 soles each but we had 14 porters so that was a lot really and most backpackers couldnt afford that, so i think we gave the porters 25 soles each, the chef 30 soles and the head guide got 50.

On the first day of the trail there are one or two points where you can buy water and on the third day the camp has a bar and a shop so its handy to bring a little money in case you want to have a few beers after ALL THAT WALKING!

Enjoy the trail!!