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I am wondering how to get to a village called Gebra, near Nordhausen (80km of Erfurt), but anywhere in Thuringen is just fine, as I'd get to Gebra somehow. My questions are: Should I use the train or the bus? Can I make it somehow cheaper than usual (by ISIC, Euro26 or other)? Any help?

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Use the train. Interregio, Regionalbahn and Regionalexpress (IR, RB and RE) not the IC and ICE. Book your ticket at least 2 weeks in advance, three to four weeks are better. Go to the ticket booth in Munich at a time when business is slow, so that they they have the time and the patience figuring out the lowest possible fare for you.

I have found 50 Euros for your journey to the train station Gebra/Hainleite on IR, RE and RB when boking today for tomorrow, and 96 Euros for the journey including IC/E trains, also booking today for tomorrow.

Try to find the most direct route to your destination on a map of Germany that has railway tracks drawn and stick to it when booking your ticket. This will reduce costs.

If you are really determined, buy a Schone-Wochenende-Ticket and go on a Saturday and use only RE and RB trains.

If I was you, I would go a significant part of the trip with RE on Schone-Wochenende-Ticket and use a IR train ticket I bought weeks before for another leg of the journey.

You will need to search a lot to work out the best options.

Here is the time table for travel by bus to Gebra from Nordhausen:

Also German Rail must be currently revamping its website, since the buses are no longer listed there.

And one of the problems with reaching that region is apparently that some lines are covered by a private railway company:

And if anybody out there reading this wonders about Gebra and Nordhausen, here are some pictures:

(I love google.)

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Thanks! I will certainly post from Gebra to thank you :)

If you are planning a trip to Serbia, perhaps I could be of assistance. Help is just one message away :)

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A friend just mentioned to me that there is another option:

It's a database where people who have to go in one direction anyway offer others a lift if they hand over some cash for fuel. Have never used them myself, and don't know how safe it is, but the drivers are supposed to be registered, so it is safer than hitchhiking.

Look for "Fahrerinserate" and then "Munchen" as "Abfahrtsort" (=departure city).