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1. Posted by gudbjargar (Full Member 4 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hello everybody.

My girlfriend and I are going to Havana for 8 days next Monday. We are both very much into photography and would like to document a little bit the daily lives of the people in Havana. What we would like to do is to photograph children in schools, people at work and in play and also abandoned buildings and factories. Does anybody have any tips or guidance to get photo opportunities like that?

We will be taking Canon 5D and 20D and 3-4 L lenses, along with laptop and accessories. Does anybody think it will be problem to bring that into the country and also if we will drag to us thieves and muggers on the streets?

Does anybody know of some photographer in Havana who would like to show us around and do some photographing with us (I have heard of a German National Geographic photographer residing in Cuba, but I don?t have his name)?

Any further info about photographing in Havana would be appreciated.


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2. Posted by Pardus (Respected Member 2356 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Johann,

that sounds like a great project. I don't have any contacts or much experience, but I think if you ask nicely you should be able to get some opportunities.
I'd recommend to walk around and recce the place and take notes on what you see first and then make up a list of potential shots.
As for security. Only take with you what you need and leave the rest in a safe place out of view. Get duct tape and put all over your equipment to make it look really batter and bashed, so that it doesn't look as if it is worth anything. And use common sense like avoiding crowds if possible (like markets) or if you do, take a cheap, small automatic camera with you to capture good moments.

I hope this helps.

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Don't forget to upload those pictures, I am dying to see them!

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Hello Pardus.

Thank you very much for your post and for the usefull tips - they will come in handy.

I uploaded some pictures from my travels which I hope you and others will take a look at.


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Ég veit að þetta hefur ekkert með myndatöku að gera, en ég vildi bara bjóða þig velkominn hingað. Ég er eigilega eini Íslendingurinn sem helst eitthvað á þessari síðu sem er alveg æðisleg og hrikalega ávanabindandi. En já, velkominn og vona að þú fáir svör við spurningunum þínum.

For those of you who got nosy, I'm just saying welcome...

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Hello Angela.

Nice to see another Icelandic here and quite surprising that you have a picture by me on your profile: :)


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