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Quoting amanecer

hy nuts, just 2 words.
maybe I told you in some other thread..remember to convalidate the ticket in the little yellow boxes (that you 'll see inside the station and along the platforms) before catching a train. If you buy a return ticket, you've to convalidate twice, both when you leave and when you come back.
If you forgot at all, and the inspectore came, you would risk a fine.
if you remember on the train ,during the journey, and the inspector hasn't still come, you can write on the ticket: station where you leave from, departing time of the train (always the one scheduled, not the real one, in case of delays :) ) and the date. For example: Rome, 20/04/2006, 15.34. That could be (hopefully) ok.(Sometimes happened to me, and it was enough)

I heard at the television today that more than 70% italians will use the car during easter vacations, and that there'll be many additional trains due to a lot of reservations. (just let you know).

weather forecast are good for friday, sat and sunday, sunny and warm (around 20 degrees C), probably monday it will be cloudy and rainy.

If you have any question I can reply you until tomorrow afternoon.(I'm not going to use internet during w end).

In any case I hope you'll have a great holiday, and looking forward to read your italian experience when you'll come back!
cheers, laura

I will definately try and remember this!

70% of italians! Wow...when you say during easter vacation, I'm presuming you mean Sun and Mon? Otherwise, this shouldn't be a problem. not too shabby.

Thank you for the headsup regarding the weather...good to know!

A couple more questions before we call this a done deal. Hehehehe...a lot more just can't think under the pressure as the weekend comes closer.

1. Arricia, any mass transportation to get there? I don't think I will want to rent a car just for one day.

2. Cinque Terre, I read somewhere that the 25th, it will get crazy there. This will shake up my itinerary because according to the revised itinerary of going to florence, cinque terre then last venice, 25th of April hits right where we are going to be...in cinque terre.

Will this cause accomodation problems or it's just a one day indedendence event similar to the US's Independence Day, fireworks, and not really crazy.

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Now it's coming to me!

Sienna accomadations?
Florence accomadations?

I have picked Florence, but you mentioned Sienna... I was going to find a place in Florence then drive to Sienna, pisa, etc...

Why Sienna?

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Here we go...coming to the final stretch.

Here is what we are looking at.

15th-19th (Rome) 3 days
19th-22nd (Cinque Terre) 2.5 days
22nd-26th (Florence) 3 days includes going around to mentioned cities.
26th-28th (Venice) 1.5 days
CAR BACK TO ROME (Enjoy drive back)

See anything wrong in this?

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Sorry for so many questions at once but as they come to me, I'm posting! hehehe...regardless, I'm gonna lose you for the weekend and this may be our last contact!

Maybe I should drop off a gift basket or something while we are there..lol.

Another itinerary is the following:

Drive to Florence
Train To venice
Train/Car back to Florence and drive to Cinque Terre visiting Pisa on the way.
Train back to Rome.

The big question is..which is a better drive.

First itinerary:
Cinque Terre to Florence

Second itinerary:
Rome to Florence

Considering that those will be the first time we will be renting a car. Aside from renting the car while at Florence.

25. Posted by nutsnbolts (Respected Member 155 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I just checked MAPPY.COM and tried to map out from Venice to La Spezia and it's saying it's a 4 hour trip? is that right???

26. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

a lot of questions..let me order them.

25th of April (as well as 17th of April): there will be a lot of people travelling EVERYWHERE. That are the days people go for a day out.

1st option Rome to 5 terre by car: you've 2 different itineraries:
motorway through Florence, Pisa or Lucca, La Spezia, the fastest (450 km, 4hours 30min) or
driving along the coast, on Aurelia road: definitely longer because is not a motorway, but you can stop along the itinerary aND relax on the beach (Baratti gulf is very beautiful, the beaches from Grosseto to north have pinewoods close to the sand beaches...).

using car in 5 Terre is definitely not suggested, as I told (difficult to park..). But you can go from a village to another by train or by boat, or walking (there's a path long 40 kms that run above the villages, the most famous part of this path is called "love path" (“Sentiero dell'amore" and it is an easy stroll between Riomaggiore and Manarola).
You will probably have difficulties (or consider expensive) to find an accommodation in 5 Terre, better to search in La Spezia, which is 30 min far from 5 Terre. The villages are really small, you don't lose too much time to visit everything.

5 Terre to Florence: I don't suggest you to drive inside Florence, either inside any other big city. But is impossible to visit Chianti or Valdorcia without a car. I had suggested you to stop in Siena because is half way between Chianti and Valdorcia, from Florence to Valdorcia is a longer way.

I don't think option 1 is the best. (Rome -5 Terre Florence)..

option 2 Rome Florence: you can rent a car, stop in the suggested areas, reaching Florence and leave the car there..that sound good, because you need a car to visit the countryside, not to visit the city. But it is basically what I suggested to you. You can stay 3-4 days in Florence, and driving from there to the countryside, but, in my personal opinion, is a loss of time: first of all you've to drive inside the city before reaching the countryside, and you don't know the city: that could be a little hard to you. Driving in the countryside it's absolutely quiet and safe, for driving in the city you've to be more careful. Besides, if you want to go f.e. from Florence to Valdorcia, you've to drive back to south for at least 100km in the same motorway you run maybe the day before going to Florence. And the 3rd reason why I suggested you to break the journey and stay before in Siena,visiting the city and the countryside, then in Florence (and in Florence visiting only the city without a car) is that I (personally) prefer driving for less time and enjoying the place as much as possible. From Siena you're closer to Chianti (30min) and Valdorcia (1 hour 10), from Florence you're enough close to Chianti but more far from Valdorcia.

Siena is a small city, so that if you find an accommodation in the centre, you don't have any problem to exit from the city with a car. I saw an accommodation in city centre once ( some friends of mine came here to visit me)
Albergo centrale, via cecco angiolieri 26 tel 0577 280379
Is located inside a palace where live a few families, the entrance of the palace is not the best, but the hotel is completely restored and very nice. it's on the top of the palace, there are many stairs without elevator. during low season , when I checked it for my friend, the price was 70 eur double room with bathroom , breakfast is 5 eur per person(better to have breakfast in a cafè)

I've no idea about Florence accommodations, sorry.

going from Florence to Venice by train, then coming back via Florence it could be ok, I don't understand if doing that you'll be in Venice the 25th of April, because in that case, you'll find a lot of people anyway, both in Florence or in 5 Terre. (ok, Venice is bigger, but there will probably be a long queue outside st mark cathedral and so on..).
the itinerary I suggested you was trying to avoid to cross twice the same city (Florence, in that case.)

a better option from Venice to 5 Terre is driving: driving in the motorway through the following cities: Padova, Ferrara, bologna, Modena Parma -La Spezia let you to cross the Apennine Mountains and reach 5 Terre in 4hours 16min. (then you've the problem of parking..):) but you can leave the car in la spezia, if there's your car rental, and proceed by train.

from 5 Terre to Rome you can take a train. The train runs along the coast, which have some panoramic points (so during the travel you've the opportunity to see something else, although from a window of a train!). From La Spezia to Rome the length of the journey is approx.4 hours with a fast train, like IC or ES. The cost is from 27,68 eur (IC, 2nd class, 1 person, one way) to 38, 04 eur in ES. Ask the ticket office, because some trains run along the coast, and you don't have to change train, other trains run through Florence, which is a longer way and you've to change train (and besides, you don't see the coast).

to synthesize, in my opinion your itinerary n.2 (rome-florence by car; venice by train, venice-5 terre by car; 5 terre and 5 terre-rome by train) is better than option 1 (rome -5terre and so on)

bringing with you a detailed map of the roads (italy centre and north) is a basic advice I can give you.:)

27. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


I've already posted it many time, the web site of italian railways, to check itineraries, schedule and prices

28. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

in trenitalia web site read also the trains offers, the hotel and the car rental. they have some discounts and maybe you can be interested.

29. Posted by amanecer (Respected Member 203 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I think we're not going to write each other again before your departure..I suppose you're sleeping at the moment, and when you'll reach your office I will leave mine:):):) (from NY to Italy there are 7 hours difference..) In any case, I'll check the site again, before leaving.

I hope my replies can help you to plan the last things before departures...happy easter and enjoy yourself in Italy!!!!!!!!!!

30. Posted by nutsnbolts (Respected Member 155 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Happy Easter to you and your family. Today is a busy day of getting everything prepared and finalize.

Once again, I thank you for everything that you have assisted. I will be carrying a laptop so from time to time I will be checking here while we are on vacation whenever I have internet access. Regardless, it won't be the last time we speak...hehehe no goodbyes here.

On the other hand, option 2 from Rome to Florence, will be our route. It's best I think and the drive from Venice to La Spezia will be nice!