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Hi All

Great thread and good luck to you all. I agree with all the different views and perspectives, do we travel or do we stay at home and do the "norm" !

I was in the army for 22 years (retired last Jul) so did lots of traveliing all over the world, albeit to agendas most of the time!! I always wanted to travel and always promised myself that when I finished in the army I would disappear for the trip of a lifetime. Well social life and being home full-time caught up with me and I cancelled it, family comments of "a year is along time" and "you should settle down" were also thrown in! Perhaps I worry to much and consider other feelings apart from my own.

I am in a fortunate position of having a pension now to pay all my bills and having a bit of spare cash, only have the cat to worry about really!!! I now have the very strong feelings of the need to go again and know deep down that I should or I will regret it, its just the final push!!! (See my other thread) I regret not going last year!!

I am so envious of all you who can just make that decision and go, I know I should and I am sure I will sometime!! But anyway enough of the rambling and to comment on some of your qs, don't worry about being lonley when your 40, your family and friends never go anyway and will always be here when you come back...... think I may have just answered my ponderable!!

All the best to all and I WILL SEE YOU OUT THERE.