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1. Posted by edros1607 (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I am considering spending some time in South America to teach English, I would also like to continue my spanish studies whilst I am there as well.
I will have limited funds and would really appreciate suggestions regarding accommodation and where would be the best place to go.
I was thinking about Argentina although have not made my mind up yet.


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When you get there the best thing to do is stay in a hostel at the start to build up some English speaking connections (especially if you are traveling alone) and from there maybe find people who would be interested in doing the same thing as you and maybe look together and share information on longer-term accomodation.

Argentina is great for teaching English, but bear in mind your pay will not always be the best rate going around, so be prepared to take some cash from home with you as well.

My suggestion would be to try a smaller city in Argentina, like for example Cordoba or Rosario, instead of Buenos Aires. But having said that, don't be put off by staying in Buenos Aires - It is an exciting, vibrant and interesting city and there are always events happening there. I only wish I could have stayed there for longer myself

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Have a look at Dave's ESL Cafe for advise about teaching.

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I have been teaching english for a few weeks now and Im loving it!

As soon as I arriveed in BA, I joined a vry informal convrsational spanish group and sinc them I'v been taking on-on-on classes in another school.


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