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I am finishing uni this summer and five of us girls are planning a month long trip to Mexico. We are not well travelled, apart from package beach holidays, but are keen for some adventure and looking forward to a more exciting holiday.

We are just a little concerned about safety in the country (particularly Mexico City) and also how reliable transport is between the different regions. Also any tips on finding cheap but clean accomodation would be much appreciated. We'll only be there for a month, where should we ensure we visit in that time? Cheers

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Hey there Dairymilk,

Only spent half a day in Mexico so my advice won't help you much. However, there is a Travel Helper for Mexico (under South America) who will probably be able to give you some good advice.

Happy Travels!


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I can help with information about Mexico... I live in Puebla, Mexico. Close to Mexico City... I travel frequently to Mexico City, only business because there are better places for vacations in Mexico.
I have been in all touristic locations in Mexico, and others not so. I'm not listed as a travel helper, just sign in today to this site.

About the security in Mexico City, yes, you have to be careful, as much as other big cities like Atlanta, is not as bad as you see in the news. Anyway, I don't recommend spending more thant 4 or 5 days in Mexico City, much better places around to see.

Transportation is not a problem, very reliable (no snow storms and closing airports). Depending on how far you are going, bus is always a good option. They are even better than in the states, probably because a lot of people travel by bus because of the high cost of flying (fare to Houston is cheaper than CanCun).

Everything depends on what kind of trip you want. sunny beaches, hiking in the mountains, cultural and archeological trip, adventure trip with rappel wild rivers, etc... is a big country and a month is not that long.

Want some pictures of Mexico, photography is my Hobby. I'll post later a site where my pictures are. Need more specific advice... I'll be checking responses to this post.


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I have been in Mexico for a few weeks and i can tell you you shouldn't take too much time in Mexico city, it's not the most beautyful place.
Traveling is very easy and cheap by buss.
When you travel longer distances you are best off with Estrella de Ora buscompany. They have good busses with airco.
I can racommend the little town Zihuataneho at the pacific.
There is a great hostel, called Hotel Cartier.
The owner is a canadien who fell in love with this place.
From here you can go seafishing, diving, snorkling and nearby is Ixtapa where is a National Park with wildlife.
Acapulco is nice too, but just for a day or two.
Here i stayed in Hotel Enrique's. Nice and clean. When you stay 3 nights or longer you get a discount.
And when you don't mind traveling for a longer time go to Yucatan.
In Mexico city i stayed in Hotel la Riviera, Aldama no.9.
Sometimes the hotels are cheaper then the hostle, because the hostel has a lot of accomodation, like breakfast, internet, phones,..
But when you just need a bed you can find cheaper rooms in the hotels. They are sometimes old, but the one i stayed was clean, the most importands thing.

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Hi there everyone! OK I've just today submitted a form for RTW and on the itinery I have chosen Mexico City - I am not so keen now to visit - is there still places of interest there and how easy is it to travel from Mexico City to the beautiful places / where are they (I've heard Cancun is too touristy is this true)??? Is bus travel easiest and cheapest way? Also last question - where can you do water rafting / rappelling down rivers in Mexico? Any advice is greatly appreciated - thanks.

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Cancun is indeed very touristy. A little less so is Playa Del Carmen, which is just down the coast and the jumping off point to take a ferry over to Cozumel. Buses in Mexico are... well busses in Mexico. They are inexpensive and an adventure. They are as reliable as the drivers are good at fixing them. I'm a big fan of the Yucatan and the further south you go the less touristy it gets. Tulum however is kind of a Hippy Haven, for backpackers.

I have seen places that offer white water rafting in my travels of mexico but can't remember them now, sorry.

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I aslo agree Playa Del Carmen is a lot cheaper and nicer than Cancun.
Cozumel is great if you like snorkeling and diving.
Chichen Itza is a must. Tulum is also nice.