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I am from India and i am planning to move to Ireland - Dublin. Any suggestions?? How is the cost of living when compared to other EU countries?? Is it good place to be in??


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well Dublin is one of the most expensive cities to live in but then again the wages reflect the cost of living. friends of mine are living up there and are paying €450 a month in rent for a room in a house.
if your not fully set on Dublin id suggest checking out some of the rest of the Irish cities.
rent and cost of living are a lot cheaper (rent for a simular room to the one in dublin would cost ... Galway €300 Limerick €275 Cork €350) but then again the wages in these cities wouldnt be as good..(they wouldnt be bad just not as good)

all in all you should have no problem. if you have any bar or waiter experience then you should pick up a job no problem. of if you have any qualifications either.

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I agree - Dublin can be extremely expensive place to live in, not quite as bad as London! It is a great city though with great people and good atmosphere. Although have you thought about Belfast for example - you could rent a house for around £300 a month in some areas its up and coming lots of development too. I just hope you dont mind the rain - its April and there has been heavy rain today next minute the sun is sparkling and on Sunday we had snow showers!!

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Thanks for your replies. I have got a job in Ireland - Dublin. So, job wise it is not a problem. I was worried about rent. I dont have idea where i need to find for an apartment. My employer would give me initial hotel expense and then i have to look out for an apartment.

I am moving with my family to Dublin.


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Usually people share accomodation to keep the price lower, but if you are moving there with your family you might be looking at an apartment for yourself. They can be quite pricey, depending on the area.
A good website for househunting is www.daft.ie, they have all types of accomodation there. Or if you use google, you'll find loads of retail companies.
Whereabouts are you going to be working? In the City Centre or outside?

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I am going to work in Dublin 2 area. Is that a good place to find apartment??

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Dublin 2, thats on the southside of the city centre and can be quite expensive, will you be working for a large company ? do you have a car ? do you mind commuting, if you are on a budget it is more favourable to live in the suburbs and commute to the city centre, if you were to pick somewhere along the train line it would make things easier, if you pm me i can give you more conclusive and accurate information....

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Dublin can be expensive but there are ways of getting around it.

Always do your shopping in the German discount stores-it makes sense, they're everywhere.You'll make huge savings!

In terms of accomodation, the cheapest places, while being safe to live in , are Phibsborough and Dublin 15.Phibsborough is ideal if you want to live in an apartment/flat close to the city while Dublin 15 is ideal if you want to rent a house or share a house.

Avoid convenience stores, they're absolute rip-offs.

Buy smart cards/bus passes for the luas and buses-you'll save in the long term.

Buy any booze in supermarkets and have a few drinks before heading out on the town-don't worry all Dubliners are doing it!!

Get a mobile phone with Meteor-I think most newcomers to the city have their mobile phones with Meteor.They're usually the cheapest mobile phone company.

I think Dublin is a fantastic place to live-obviously I'm biased-there's an amazing buzz in the city at the moment.I love the new multiculturalism in the city.You are so close to loads of beaches as well as to the countryside and mountains.The worst thing about Dublin is the traffic coming in from the comuter belt!!Unfortunately as with most cities there is a sizable thug(aka skanger) population and they are best avoided.I found Rome , Paris and London to be far more expensive than Dublin, especially for tourists.Ireland is far more expensive than Spain, Eastern Europe, etc.