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Hi, Black is offensive? I've gotta say that girlfriend( she is Catalan 31yrs) & I are going to a wedding in Barcelona. Yep!She has just bought a black suit with sleeveless white blouse. I would suppose there will be plenty of female guests in the LBD. Little black dress. Does it make a difference on your age? a

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This past summer in Spain I saw people wearing just about everything.

BasiaAlm, where did you hear that black would be offensive?

The only thing I saw specific to weddings was that many of the ladies where very fancy dresses. But in that regard a LBD would work becuase that can be either more fancy or more casual, which is why it's one of the "basic pieces of any good wardrobe"...

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Well, according to established European savoir vivre black at weddings is traditionally a no no, because it is traditionally a funeral color. Correspondingly, in China, white at weddings is traditionally a no no, because there white is a funberal (death) color. Even in the USA it is still a rare Chinese bride who dares to wear a white dress, even if she wants a typical American and not a typical Chinese wedding. They usually compromise and wear a pale pink (pale as a gesture towards American white and pink as a gesture towards Chinese red). It is not so much a question of the age of the bearer, to dare or not to dear to wear a black dress to a wedding, as the age of people who would - or not - be offended. But, yes, if you are very young, you would be easier forgiven for being ignorant. But it would also depend on your and your parents social class. Noblesse oblige... or not, depending on who you are. Im my opinion it is not a proper occasion to rebel - it is simply too impolite towards more traditional weddfing guests - and a hostess.

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my friend was told the same thing when she recently went to two weddings on in Italy and one in Spain , but when she got there about a third of the female guests wore black dresses at both occassions...... i think it depends on the place & family, can you not ask the couple whos wedding it is..........

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Why not a skirt instead of the shorts? Something that finishes just on, or just below your knee, light material (linen is good), flarey for good airflow. If it's not short or tight, you probably won't attract any more attention than anything else, and skirts are super comfy in summer!!


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i find that anything goes really.i don't wear shorts when i am walking around any town but many people do.what does it matter if you look like a tourist you are!and not everyone lives there or is spanish!being a tourist doesn't mean you will stand out in a bad way spain loves tourists and will make you very welcome!when i visit a church i would dress as i would for a church in my home town or anywhere in the world - that is with respect.although many churches now allow shorts they still do prefer shoulders to be covered,this could be just a top with sleeves.some stricter places may also require heads to be covered, i always carry a lightweight shawl or scarf,they are handy for a multitude of uses.don't limit the colours,Spain is full of colour!wherever you go pepole like to see what the rest of the world is wearing especially the younger generation,they are very fashion conscious.I advise you not to wear black for a wedding (who would?!)
or white that is for the bride and no matter how good you look she will always win the day anyway!
to sum up wear light comfortable things,take at least one nice summer dress,smart sweater,shorts but what i would call city shorts,cotton tops,maybe a black summery dress for evenings as you will find people do look smarter after 6pm and take jeans or cotton trousers which can be worn anytime.Just be yourself,be comfortable and enjoy-they're only clothes and if you get it hopelessly wrong which you won't ,buy something there,
the shops are great!!

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I'm from Spain and I don't think is "offensive" to wear black in a wedding... Might be a bit odd, but that's all. It's not the kind of colour us spaniards would think of when choosing a dress for a wedding, but if you wear a nice black dress with some pretty shoes and colorful accessories it's absolutely fine. Anyway, if you want a "safer" choice, go for a brighter color. And yes, as someone already said, women usually wear really fancy dresses at weddings, we really dress up for the event. By the way, black is absolutely ok for men, not odd at all!

-to go in a church you need a longish skirt and a shirt with sleeves

You should wear skirt or trousers just below your knee, and a shirt with sleeves. If you are wearing a tank top you can just wrap a pashmina or a foulard around your shoulders to cover your arms.

-if you wear shorts and tennis shoes you will stick out as a tourist

You won't. You can wear shorts with any kind of shoes (including tennis, flip flops, sandals or whatever). Just DON'T wear socks with sandals! That would surely make you stick out as a tourist!

-It is really hot during the summer


-you'll stick out if you wear bright colors

Unless you are wearing neon colors from head to toe, you won't

Is white considered a bright color? What about capris? What about beach wear?

No, is not, I'd say it's a neutral color?
Capris are absolutely fine
Bikini or swimsuit, the one you're more comfortable with. Topless is allowed in all beaches, by the way. When going to the beach you can just wear flip flops and a casual dress (and by casual I mean really casual), or shorts and a shirt... Just stay casual.

I think you should pack light, comfortable clothes, without worrying too much about it. Just bring a couple or three more fancy pieces, just in case.

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this was a post from 7 years ago. maybe fashion changed a bit

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I joined this site so I could post what my friend who lives in Spain told me... hope it is helpful to others, 2011.

REPLY: Well, regarding your question about appropriate clothing, I can perfectly understand your wish to not stand as a tourist. I try not to as well when I'm travelling. I didn't know Chacos, looked them up, and yes, this type of sandals are highly popular here as well, although it might make you identifiable as a tourist, but not necessarily as an American tourist since everyone wears them when walking for hours. ;-)
Shorts are fine, they're equally popular here for almost all occasions (although, you know, there are shorts and shorts, and wearers of shorts, too, hahaha, I mean, it depends on what style of shorts you wear whether you are looked at with admiration or compassion). But the mere fact that you are asking makes me think that you are well aware about what I mean. Most people don't even think about this point.
Tank tops are ok, it's very hot here in summer, so nothing to object.
I'm just thinking: something considered quite unstylish here is to wear "cheap" shorts with trainers and socks. This is a no-go. But apart from that, I can't think of any other "forbidden" outfit.
In general, when you walk through the streets in Seville people are rather stylish. It's about being the capital of Andalusia and showing it. There's also quite a lot of money there, and you can see it on the streets. Marbella is somehow similar in this respect. This is a place of high standard tourism, and you can find shops of lots of famous brands here and people who wear these products.
But it's like everywhere, there are people of all standards and classes. The recent crisis has left many people penniless, even in real misery because of unemployment (general in Andalusia around 25-30% and youth unemployment is up to almost 50%), so you'll see all kinds of "fashion" or "styles", even the very cheap or poor ones.
In general you can also say that in capital cities and touristic places people tend to be more stylish and focused on fashion, I suppose it's got to do with wanting to show what you have and are and living more in the open.
To go out at night, sandals or ballerinas are fine, dresses, jeans and T-shirt or blouse... again, it depends on where you go, who you go with, what you intend...