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1. Posted by Jo D (Full Member 64 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hiya Everyone!!

I have been back a month from spending a year in Australia and I already have itchy feet to go off again. I'm a bit of a clubber so I have decided to go to Ibiza, San Antonio for 6 months. I fly out next Wednesday. Do you think that my experience in Australia will be very much different to Ibiza?? I know Ibiza is more geared towards clubbing but that is ok. My question is, will it be harder to find work etc....
While I was out in Australia I put myself out to find work i.e walking around for a few weeks for bar/waitress job handing my CV in to everywhere. I landed myself a job on a boat in Airlie Beach as a hostess and a cook in several restaurant even though I am not a qualified chef.

2. Posted by Beckiboo (Respected Member 134 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I haven't ever been to Australia but I have been to Ibiza about 10 times!
If you like clubbing then Ibiza is definately the place to be, its got the biggest and best clubs in the world, with a mixture of nights played by top class dj's.
You're staying in San Antonio, which is probably the main central party point of Ibiza. However, it's also the resort that most British tourists, good and bad ones(!) will go to. You could find yourself staying in amongst 18 year old lads throwing up off their balconies each night, or you could find yourself in a nice apartment looking over the "sunset strip". That's the thing with San An, it has good parts and bad parts, depending on whereabouts you stay.
Most of the jobs going will be in San An... there are loads of PR jobs as it is such a tourist resort with bars everywhere. Most of the people who go over there to work the season end up PR-ing for a bar or a club, however if you have some cooking experience then you might be able to get a chef's job. I'd advise going over there early though as it gets very busy with workers and most of the job are gone by June.
Other areas you might consider (and in my opinion are nice than San An) are:

Playa Den Bossa - home to the best outdoor club on earth! Space! Also DC10 after hours club. This resort is a bit more grown up than San An, there are some brilliant bars and clubs here, and the longest beach on the island (playa den bossa beach).

Ibiza old Town (D'alt Villa) - The town of Ibiza, a beautiful place with lots of winding roads, and a castle overlooking the town on a hill. It really is a beautiful place. Clubs here are Pacha and El Divino. It's a very old and magical place, with a much more mature and grown up clientelle. Very gay friendly area.

Es Cana - beach resort, family orientated.

Anyway, enough of me waffling on about Ibiza... you'll have a great time. It's a beautiful and magical island, thats why so many people keep going back to it :O)
And if you're a clubber you'll be in paradise! let me know if you have any other q's.


3. Posted by Jo D (Full Member 64 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Beck,

Thanks for taking the time to write your reply, it's much appriciated. I'm leaving on the 19th April, some say it is too early but like you said, get out there before everyone else does. I don't how easy it is to get work, I don't mind PR work but I don't just want to be standing outside handing out leaflets. Do you know what the money will be like?? Also, how easy is it to get a N.I.E number. Do you really need one of these to work??? The N.I.E number is the only real concern as apparently this year the spainish are making it a lot harder for seasional workers.


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Hi Jo

19th April is fine, it will be quiet for the first couple of weeks but will pick up in May, at least you get a head start for all the jobs!
I'm not sure what the pay is like as Ive never actually worked the season myself, but I wouldn't expect much with PR work, thats why it's probably best you look for other types of work out there.
I'd also advise getting your NIE before you go, as all reputable employers insist on them now, if you dont want to end up working for a dodgy bar in the West End earning a pittance I'd definately say get your NIE asap.
Check out this site for information.