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Hi all,

Im now looking at crossing from Luang Prabang - Chang Mai. Has anyone done this and can recommend the best way to do it? how long and what kind of transport was taken? prices etc....

any comments or information is appreciated.

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I was lazy & flew, think it cost be $70 (US dollars) & only an hour! Slow boat is a lot cheaper, but takes almost 3 days I think. The scenery is supposed to be amazing though.

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Luang Prabang-Pak Beng

Your 9-hr boat journey will take you to Pak Beng for overnight stay...Along the way the boatman may stop by at: PAK OU CAVES (10,000 kips entrance fee – do not pay the boatman who will attempt to collect 15,000 kips from you as commission and waiting fee!). You can climb up to view Tham Thing – lower cave and Tham Phum) which houses Buddha images of varying styles, ages and sizes located in the steep rock cliff at the confluence of the Mekong River and Ou River.You may also be tempted into visiting Ban Xang Hai,located near the Pak Ou Caves, this village was once a 'Jar-Maker Village' and nowadays the community fills the jars (which come from elsewhere) with láo-láo, the local rice whisky.
It will be evening by the time you arrive in Pak Beng, a village that seems to survive on tourists! You can stay at Bounmy Guest House (USD3),Villa Salika (USD7) or Donevilasack (USD3-4)

Pak Beng- Huay Xai

Next day, the same boat will take you to Huayxai, about 6-7 hrs. From the jetty you take tuk-tuk to immigration checkpoint, overlooking Chiang Kong on the other side of the river...The tuk tuk to the checkpoint is about 15 kips...The whole trip from Luang Prabang to Huayxai is about 650B..maybe a bit more, depending where you obtain the ticket in LP.

Huayxai-Chiang Kong

After immigration clearance, take the boat ride (USD1 or about 30B) to Chiang Kong. The boat drop you at Thai immigration post...from here walk towards town...lots of guesthouses along the way from jetty...maybe Bamboo Riverside GH (USD3), about 200metres from jetty...yuou have no choice but to put up a nite in chiang kong as it will be late afternoon...

Chiang Kong -Chiang Mai

Next day, you take bus to Chiang mai...bus from market centre...ordinary air-con (standard 2) or standard 1 (B)...