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i agree with all the post's above, i honestly do

  • go discover this wondeful planet and meet great people along the way!

I left the UK in Sept 2004 passionate about wanting to sort my head out afer a bad breakup took a year to finally come to an end.

I ended up flying to Bangkok and was expected to stay out the county 4 3 months. 6 months later i finally flew home, still a little delicate about my breakup adn gutted that my money had run out and that i had to return home! But, i was exstactic that my vocabulary, experiences, friends, sites, highs orlows didnt involve my x anymore. I've seen him few times since ive been home and the pain isnt there anymore. I have found fantastic soul m8's threw my travels and i am continuing to see the world.

this time my sitaution is very different. I am in a wonderful relationship and i am so very happy. I leave 4 Bangkok again next month and i am worried that i will miss him lots and lots and my travels will end sooner rather than l8r. he wouldnt dare ask me to come home early, as my trip was all booked up b4 the relationship got serious.

its just a crazy and a funny ole world where things, situations and life can change so, so much!!!!

enjoy the world :)

I plan to again

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DO IT! I was in exactly the same situation a year ago, and 3 months in Asia was as close to a cure for the blues as was possible. At bit difficult and sad a first, but got better quickly. International travel just opens your eyes to how many cool people are really out there in the world!
good luck-

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Seriously go! I waited far too long after a relationship break up to leave and now I am the happiest I have ever been. I left home a year and a bit ago and it has been the most amazing and awesome time. I have met heaps of cool people, and my new bf is fabulous.


25. Posted by Clanger (Full Member 201 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I put off my travelling for my now ex. We went out for 3.5 years and we split up a month before I decided thats it Im going away. So I planned to set off in exactly 8 months after deciding, giving myself time to adjust and make sure I wasnt running away.

I am at the end of my trip now, and it was possibly the best thing Ive ever done, I am well rid of him. There was no bumping into him in certain places or hearing any stories of what he's been up to from common friends....its been fantastic therapy!

Travelling is an eye opener anyway, it makes you wonder at trivial shit that used to make your world go round previously, makes you realise there is more new and exciting adventures to be had - waiting for you to discover them.

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Since I can remember I've wanted to travel and live abroad.... my problem is that I'm in a fantastic relationship of 6 years which I'll have to break off if i want to go!!
Everyone else here travelled and realised after their bad break ups just how much better off they are, but if I leave a good relationship what if I regret it?? Has anyone else had to travel after a breakup on their part?

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Travel keeps you occupied day and night and you are away from the familiar surroundings where you and your ex lived, worked and went out. There will always be another relationship down the road, perhaps in a new country.
Beware of those blaming everyone else and everything else for their problems, they had problems at home and now have problems on the road, taking the "geographic cure" and dreading their eventual return home. A fairly normal person who has just broken off a long term relationship may be down at times but not so angry to blame their ex for everything.
The less you think about old problems at home, the more active you are the more you'll enjoy your trip.

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With the notable exception of Sugarhigh Clarabell and a couple of other comments, I'm a little wary of SOME of the advice being given to you.

Of COURSE, stepping outside a situation and looking at it from that external vantage point has its uses..... BUT, when you travel, PLEASE travel TO something, not AWAY from it.

If you travel for a break, to gain awarenenss, to learn, to see things more clearly, this kind of thing... then it will certainly help you.

If you ONLY travel to escape some painful feeling, some hurt.. I'm sorry but in my experience, it will not.

I have travelled all my life and so recommend it as an education with all my heart. Travel can be a great way of escaping the mundane, the boring and the "plain" existence. It is a fantastic education.... it is a wonderful escape from mediocrity. But it shouldn't ever be an escape from oneself. It should only be a journey TO oneself. In your present circumstance, it might help you to understand something which you didn't before. But, in my humble opinion, it will only help you if you go with these cautions in mind...

Having said that, I wish you EVERY happiness and great travels!!

I hope my words help :-)

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i was with my ex boyfrind for about 2 years, it was a pleasant if boring experience, he loved me very much and i appreciated how much he loved me, i didnt feel the same though. After a while i decided i wanted to go travelling without him and within a month had met someone else. My boyfriend was absolutely devestated and when i came home a few months later he left the country within a week, couldn^t share the same hemisphere with me. he has been travelling for the good part of a year now and apparntly he is doing really well, travl makes the heart mend a little faster and a littl cleaner i think

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Wow! What a respone! Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support!

I kind of travelled and I kind of didn't. I went to Copenhagen to try and patch things up with the girlfriend, and everything now is great. We are back together, moving into a flat in June, and we have sorted out the problems we had before!

So now I live in Copenhagen rather than London! Taking that step though to put things back in London to one side and come here on my own was a big one, and I guess it's very similar to the feeling of anxiety you get before you go my advice to all your guys is FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE!!!!

Si :)