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31. Posted by smelli (Budding Member 20 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi, just read one of your posts travelling after a relationship break down and i would say go for it! Only good can come from it and you may find you won't want to come back. I have decided to go travelling after a relationship break up too. Although mine broke up last November it was a pretty shit time and since then i have found that after so many rubbish jobs i feel this is the perfect time to go (no ties). I was meant to go back to uni to do my post grad in Teaching in Sept but i have taken the tough decision to defer it for a year. This does mean that by the time i actually start it i will be 26 but that doesn't matter as i believe it is not a great sacrafice as i am going to see the world, experience new things meet new people and hopefully come back with a greater zest for life and more self assured confidence. That is what i hope. And i truely believe it is now or never. I am single and i don't want to meet someone as i fear that will stop me from travelling. So if your single and ready to go then don't let any negative thoughts stop you. Only good can come from it i am sure. Good Luck
Michelle x

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So here I am and have landed in the same situation as you. My boyfriend and I split up three weeks ago and I'm devestated. Luckily I have had a trip planned to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos since Feb and I'm off for 1.5 months at the end of July. Right now all I can think of is my broken heart and how much i miss my boyfriend, and i'm going mad from being at home with all the time in the world as I've just finished the year at uni. I need to get away and i can't wait for that to happen, so yes i think it's a good idea, but i can tell you more in the middle of Septembetr when i return to my boring every day life

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Ive been in your place and its part of the reason im travelling... seriously I have found at our age (im 25) it needs to be something to make us go..

I came travelling at 18 and it was all drink and obviously a lot more care free cause at that age theres nowt to worry about and though its not changed now I have found that most people our age are looking for you wouldnt be alone... think of your options and it'll prove easier for you to see its the best thing you could do.

You can find who you are without her around and get back to that again and not have to be part of another - just be around people in your boat...

Its the best thing ive done and im all and now.

Chin up! plenty of us ladies out here ... just get on a plane and find em! ;)

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i just broke up with my bf of 2 yrs. (my decision) we met at Uni in Australia. it's such a shame, cos he has the best of heart and knows how to enjoy life. but is just not grounded enuff to secure a degree. (suspension, laziness) or even choose another path in life. But I reckon I cannot be soft on this, cos it has been 4 semesters of doing badly at uni. (i did tell him to get an apprenticeship and learn a skill instead) I've said and tried to motivate him all I can. it's too much mothering. I am not enjoying myself in this rship. Tho I know he'll make a wonderful life partner cos he is smart and is good natured & helpful, just is too lazy for the hard work, too ready for the sports and xbox & fun. (ok end of rambling, it's my decision and I feel sad cos I made it, but I have no regrets, cos I tried for 2 years to help him and help us.)

Now, I have 11 days leave from work. I know that is not long. But I need a break to feel 'energized' again. Have been off the beaten track to Amritsar to see Indian-Pakistani Border for 4 days, enjoyed the food (naan and spinach tomato dip)

I think this time I wanna fufill my wish to see animals in Africa and enjoy the scenery & climate of South Africa.. but 11 days doesn't seem to be enuff, esp since I am flying in from Singapore. I second a beach resort, but 11 days at a beach seems too long too, any suggestions? I would love to go to Costa Rica and bask in the rainforests, but 11 is too short. what to do in 11 days..

35. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


I think this is a great idea. It will stop u from dwelling excessively, on your lost relationship. U will also meet many new people.


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