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hi. i am planning on going to india in september / october for three weeks. i realise this isn't a very long time, however does anybody know of any good routes i can take?

i would like to fly to india from the uk and take the train cross country and then fly back to the uk from my final destination. there are sooooo many different routes to take that i am becoming confused. and reccomendations would be grately recieved!!!

thanks so much for you help

lynn :)

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sorry, i forgot to add that i am mainly interested in culture, trekking, photpgraphy....with maybe a beach along the way if it'a at all possible!!!

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Well India is a big country. Its diverse in culture, religion and natural beauty. You will need to decide whether you wish to travel to north, east, south or west and accordingly interesting routes could be suggested. It will be difficult to cover large areas specially if you are planning to travel by train. Never the less it will be a great experience to travel by train specially to south and rajasthan


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Welcome to India.

Sept and Oct are good seasons to travel in India.

Is this your first visit? If so then suggest:

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Goa.
If you still have time,visit Kerala State by train.

Suggest you to read some guide book on India so that you can pick up some places of your interest.

Have a nice trip.

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First of all, do not attempt to see too much in 3 weeks. Pick an area that appeals to you the most and stick with it. I would say that in three weeks, you won't be able to do both trekking and beaches. Pick one or the other and enjoy it. Here's four routes that I would suggest for three weeks, as a first time trip, all with completely different things to see. Plan on a day between each town for travel, and maybe an extra one or two for unexpected delays.

1) For a little hiking, and a couple highlights of Rajastan:
Delhi(2 days) - Shimla(2 days) - Manali(4 day, do some hiking)- McLeod Ganj(3 days) - Delhi-Jaipur(2 days)- Agra(1 day)- Delhi

2) Rajasthan tour:
Delhi(2 days) - Agra(1 day) - Jaipur(2 day) - Jaisalmer(4 days) - Jodhpur(2 days) - Udaipur(3 days) - Mumbai(2 days)

3) Across the center:
Delhi(2 days) - Jaipur(2 day) - Agra(1 day) - Orchha(2 days) - Khajuraho(2 days) - Varanasi(4 days) - Calcutta(2 days)

4) Southern Beaches:
Mumbai(2 days) - Goa(5 days) - Cochin(2 days) - Allephy(3 days, with houseboat on backwaters) - boat to Kollam - Varkala(4 days) - Trivandrum (fly to Mumbai and home).

If it helps at all, you can look at my pictures of India for an idea of what looks interesting. Have fun planning.

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degolasse - you're advice is priceless, this is exactly what i was looking for so thanks very much for your help and time.

thanks everybody!

lynn x