8 hours in bangkok???

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I have 8 hours in Bangkok waiting for a flight to Dubai and was wondering if anyone knows about leaving the aiport and going into the city or somewhere? I have looked around but can't find anything at all??

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I think there is a bus that takes about an hour from the airport to the area beside Khao San Road. Failing that you could always place your faith in a Thai taxi driver...

Good luck.

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Yeah, you could always take the bus from the airport. There are airport shuttle buses that are about 100 baht I think. It takes about an hour. One of them (A4 maybe) drops you off in the Khao San area, which is the backpacker area. Walk into any hotel or travel agent and ask about shuttle buses back to the airport and book a time. THey are usually cheaper and quicker than the bus back. If you think you will be short on time then it might be worth the money to get a taxi which would be quicker, but at anytime in Bangkok, be prepared to wait in traffic for 3 hours.
Once you are at Khao San, which has great shopping, restarants, and people watching, it's a short walk or tuk tuk over to the Grand Palace, which is worth seeing and the first thing you should check out.
As far as whether or not you are allowed to leave the airport and do all this, as long as you go through immigration, you don't need a visa or anything (assuming you are from a western country), so are free to go. But I don't know if on an 8 hour stopover if you go through immigration or have to stay in the departure lounge.

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8 hours at night or daytime?
My wife and I arrived in Bangkok about 8.30 a.m. and weren't due to leave for Yangon till 6 p.m.
The Transfer desk had a number of short city tours which weren't too expensive (we did the boating klongs + temple of dawn + gem factory), and one of the saving graces is that you don't have to pay the departure tax because we did a TRANSIT tour.