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I am planning on travelling around Eastern Europe for 3 weeks.

I have no idea where to go! But I think i would at least like to visit Riga, Warsaw, Budapest and somewhere in Romania. I don't know much about Eastern Europe so any advice on any country would be really helpful to me! I would really like to go to Croatia and Bulgaria and everywhere really! But obviously for 3 weeks that isn't practical!

I was thinking of getting the train between places, but I have found interrail passes seem to be a bit too expensive and I was hoping to spend no more than £200 on train journeys over the 3 weeks. Has anyone got any advice on the cheapest routes or how i can find out about this? If train journeys are cheaper in certain countries then this would probably effect the choice of countries I would visit.

I have found cheap flights to and from Riga, Rijeka, Warsaw, Krakow, Bratislava and Ljubljana. These are cheapest as singles so i could easily fly to one city and fly home from another (for a total of aobut £60). Thus starting at one end of eastern europe and finishing up at the other end would be good. However, am i better off just concentrating on a 2 or 3 countries rather than trying to do lots of countries? I really don't have a clue about how long it would take to travel between cities - so any advice on this would really help too.

I was thinking of spending 3/4 days in each city so this means i could visit up to 7 places but of course i would need to make sure I allowed travelling time too.

Please please help me as I am very stuck!

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Like you I also want to visit eastern europe and since i allready been to countrys like Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Romany I now go more up north. Here you can see my schedule:

Sat 08/07 : flight Amsterdam - Berlin (Transavia)
Sun 09/07 : Berlin
Mon 10/07 : Berlin
Teu 11/07 : train Berlin - Krakow
Wed 12/07 : visit to Auswitch
Thu 13/07 : train Krakow - Warsaw
Fri 14/07 : Warsaw
Sat 15/07 : bus Warsaw - Vilnius
Sun 16/07 : Vilnius
Mon 17/07 : bus Vilnius - Riga
Thu 18/07 : Riga
Wed 19/07 : bus Riga - Tallinn
Thu 20/07 : Tallinn
Fri 21/07 : ferry Tallinn - Helsinki
Sat 22/07 : Helsinki
Sun 23/07 : flight Helsinki - Amsterdam (Blue1)

I think the best thing you can do is write some places on a paper you think you want to visit and than make a journey you think is best.

If you have done this take a look around the internet to get to know more about the places you want to visit. Then you will also get to know how many days you stay on that place. A real help is a site like this but also google.com can help you.

If you know the cities you want to visit and know wich places you want to see than you can make a schedule for your trip. After you have done this you have a rought journey. With the rough schedule you can get to know more specific things and sometime ad or leave things.

There is allways a possiblity to fly to Riga and then go south not knowing where to go or where to stay and several people like this but a schedule is allway easy as an assistence.

When you finished making a schedule write it on a topic and everybody can give you there comments.

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Eastern Europe - congratulations very good choice
I can advice You what is worth-seeing in Poland.
First of all Warsow as a capitol of Poland, of course. 2-3 days could be sufficent. A lot of people say that Warsow is not as beautiful as Cracow for example but in my opinion man shouldn't compare this two cities, because they are different and both have its own unique atmosphere. People, who visit Warsow first time, have an impression that it is ugly and there is nothing special in this city. But it is misbelief... Although I am the one, who has that impression and just when I have started to study in Warsow, I felt in love with this city But you have not enough time, so 3 days will be sufficient to visit the most important places in Warsow ( don't forget about "old town", "Lazienki", "Wilanów").
Then You should visit Cracow - You will be delighted This city is great, magic and has a lot of historic values. I think that "Wawel", where Polish kings and queens lived, is the most beautiful historic monument not only in Cracow, but also in the whole Poland. 1-2 days in Cracow will be ok.
When You will have time, You could go on the south of Poland and hike the mountain - Tatry are amazing, especially on spring and summer, when visibilty is great. Views are wonderfull and that fresh air.... You can stay in Zakopane - highlanders are very hospitable
I think these 3 places will cause that You will think about Poland as the most beautiful country in Eastern Europe;)

Poland is rather cheap country when You compare it to western countries for example. But places, where a lot of turists are, have highest prices than other parts of country. When You decide to visit more than only Warsow, you travel by fast (express) train.
Good luck!!