any ideas of where to go!?

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hey all!!!

i was recently thinking about going travelling for say a month or so in my second gap year!!

i have to save up for some courses and things im doing already in the first year i am taking off, however in my second gap year i will spend most my time working, and thought that before i go to uni i would like to travel around europe looking at historical sites and going to the beaches etc..

i was considering going with mates if they had the time and money off work etc, but the problem is, im not quite sure where to go, or whether there is a programme which i could go on, which would let me experience Europe's sites!

does anyone have any ideas of where to go, any great sites to visit whilst im in europe such as Rome - (i like the ancient history mainly) or any websites which could give me a programme which would let me and my mates have a good time partying as well as visiting places!?

any ideas, it would be great to hear from you!



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hi tash, Italy is a nice place but if you dont speak italian, that´s not going to be easy. The spanish coast wont bring you this type of problem as most of the tourist are english speaker, (and you will have the beach. Did you consider france and the Loire valley full of castles but no beaches. Getting the historic sites and the beach at the same time will be difficult. Have a look at the wine area of France near Bordeaux, In summer full of english speakers so there are lot of jobs for english speakers ( and the beach is nearby). A good option is being an au pair. Give you time to do your own things. the only requirement is to be over 18 years old so depends when fall your b´day.

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You could do something like start at Rome and see some of the historical attractions of Italy - in Florence, Pisa etc. Then go up to Marseille and spend the rest of the time in the south of France, maybe even work your way down to Barcelona to finish if you have time. There are some good historical sights in the south of France like the town of Arles which is very close to Marseille and of course a load of beaches. There's my ill thought out suggestion anyway!

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Hi tash,
I think Europe and the UK are great places to go!!! so u could always go there.