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1. Posted by wotthefiqh (Inactive 1447 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Stayed down the south end of Chaweng Beach at the Chaweng Resort, and decided to hire a scooter for 24 hours. The guy in the shop (see NCK shop photo on profile) charged 200Bt for the hire and 200Bt to fill the tank. Took off for the south-east tip for lunch at the Simple Life villas (a nice spot). Got on bike to head for Nathon and it died on me outside the Snake Museum about half a km up the road. Had every man and his dog look at it, but no-one could work out what was wrong, especially with almost a full tank of petrol left.
Called NCK Travel and the guy was very abrupt and almost abusive, saying that 'you must bring bike back and pay for transport', Cost me 800Bt for a local to throw it on the back of his ute and get us back to Chaweng.
Parked the scooter outside the shop and went in to see what the story was.
The office lady laughed in my wife's face when my wife said that an apology for the inconvenience would be appreciated.
Went back to the shop about an hour later to see the manager, and he basically ignored us when we said that at least we should get our 200Bt hire payment back, having only been on the road for 3 hours out of 24, plus having to pay 800Bt to bring his dud scooter back.
After quiet pressure from my wife, the ratbag threw a 100Bt note at her and marched her out of the shop (I was outside because I was ropable).
Just as my wife reached the shop door she repeated her request for the full 200Bt as a refund, and the nasty little bugger tred to snatch the 100Bt out of her hand.
If hiring a bike in Chaweng, do me a favour and DO NOT HIRE from NCK Travel, and don't use them for travel arrangements or use their PC's for netting.

Your boycotting will be appreciated from afar.


P.S. Next time I'll ask the shop what the deal is if the bike breaks down on the other side of the island.

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Thanks for letting the TP forum know how NCK Travel operate their business. This is one more example of what is really behind the 'smiles' in Thailand, also called; LOS(Land of Smiles). I have spent 10 winters in Pattaya and know all to well how thin that veneer of 'hospitality' is with many Thai businesses. It is just not considered bad business to lie, cheat and overcharge farangs(foreigners). Conventional wisdom would dictate that the owner of NCK Travel would have 'lost face' by treating a customer so badly. No, the Thai attitiude is that since farangs have 'no face', it is OK to behave badly towards farangs. They will not 'lose face' within the Thai community by their actions. And since we are all rich, it makes perfect sense to overcharge or cheat us. Not all businesses behave this way, but enough do to make me and most ex-pats living in Thailand cynical.

Hopefully NCK Travel will suffer a drop in business due to your experience. Anthony, I encourage you to post this on many other travel sites as well. The only thing a guy like this understands is money. Perhaps a decrease in his income might get his attention. Doubtful, but we can hope.

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Details and photo posted on the Koh Samui forum of
Now for thorntree travel forum.
Any other major travel forums out there I can vent my spleen on!!!


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That's thorntree done.
I still have a number of Koh Samui and Thai tourist organisations to contact by e-mail amd ordinary mail, and I might even letter the Thai embassy in Canberra expressing my displeasure.
I'm on a roll, which is more than can be said for the bloody scooter.