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Ok, so heres the deal...
I am a teenager, one of five children. My family is looking at moving out of our tiny, boring, northern michigan town in a year when my older bro goes to college. there are many u.s. cities that look safe, job-filled, and intellectual. many of these are on my parents' possible moving list. although, another, possibly more offbeat idea, is england. My parents are barely considering it, but due to the fact that my dad went to grad school out there, and i am dying to move there, they are at least looking at it. kind of. anyway, i really really need help. it looks like if i cannot convince them fast, all hope will be lost. My dad says that if we were to move to england, it would probabaly be to london. although, if there are any other big, diverse, intellectual cities with schools and jobs and homes, feel free to inform me. please get back to me on ways to convert my folks, and where to find jobs for them, a house for us, and schools, possibly in london.

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The first thing that your family has to look at if they want to move to the UK is getting their visas all lined up and in order. From what I have found most employers in the UK don't want to sponsor foreigners for a work visa if they can hire someone from the UK's very qualified existing work force. For the sake of this post though we'll assume that your family has the neccessary visas to move over there.

There are many "diverse cities with schools, jobs, and homes" in England and in the rest of the UK. Without knowing your parents line of work it is hard for me to suggest towns that might suit them in a professional manner specifically. I would say though that there is Edinburg, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham to name a few. I am sure locals would be able to suggest more towns than that.

If either of your parents work in mechanical or electrical engineering, or other related fields such as I do. I have seen a lot of companies looking to hire in the "Midlands" region of England which is located around Manchester and Liverpool.

1. As far as how to convince your parents of moving to the UK,
2. They will get a lot more time off work every year that they can use to spend time with their plethora of children.
3. It is a great jump off spot to explore the rest of Europe and is an English speaking country (obviously) so is relatively easy for Americans to adapt and communicate with the locals.
4. For every dollar they manage to put in the bank over there it will be worth 1.50 or so if they ever decide to move back to America.
5. If you stayed long enough to become a permanent resident then you would have access to centralized healthcare and not have to worry about how to pay for a checkup when you go to the Dr. and your insurance won't cover it because the moon was full that day or whatever.

There's a few reasons anyways why they should consider it, if I can think of any others(I am sure there are plenty.) I will post them.

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haha thank you very much.
thats quite the list of arguments. i am sorry i was not more clear, right now my mother is a house mom/inactive lawyer/lobbyist person. she pretty does everything, and nothing. My dad on the other hand brings in the income, and in the past couple years has been practicing law, starting an indoor tennis association, and managed a restaurant. I suppose he thinks of himself as an entrepreneur or something. In reality, he has practiced law for the most part for the past 30 years. The only problem is, he does not know what he would be qualified to do over there, or where for that matter. That plus the fact that my mom is worried about school situations, although im sure there are many great schools, tho a lot of them are probably quite expensive. these reasons make for some stubborn parents, and as much as i talk to them, they still don't budge much. the only reason i have hope is that every now and then i'll get a, "how i wish i were in england right now" from my pops, which gives me some reassurance. you see, my dad lived in england for two years while attending Oxford University. he apparently fell in love with it, and im just trying to remind him of that. He keeps saying tho, "its just not realistic". wether it indeed is "realistic" or not to move to england, i will persevere. :)

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Hi, England is great but it is expensive compared to the US in terms of living costs however education is free! healthcare would also be free if your family decide that they are "habitually" resident here . . .

London is a possibility, but looking at your posts i would suggest you convince your parents to cosnider places such as Oxford, Brighton, Bath, Bristol, Leeds, Canterbury, Edinburgh or Manchester. if your father went to Oxford Uni, he probably fell in love with the south of england, hence why most of my suggestions are in the south. All of those cities have their own personalities and are very diverse.

I would also suggest you encourage your dad or mum to come onto a site such as this, I have been corresponding with a chap in his late 40's who is thinking of moving across with his family . . .providing more detailed advice and ideas on specific cities.

Have you ever visited here? Suggest you visit at least once before moving . .get to know a bit of the culture first.

Hope this helps, and keep us informed!

Take Care, becky

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thanks becky,
yes i am looking at visiting all of england this summer for about a week, and hope to check out london and some other cities. I think that might help convince them. so were you saying that education is free at all schools in england? thats cool. i was wondering where i could find out more about other south-england cities besides possibly going there. anyway, thanks for all the help


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If you have a look on the bbc website: and go to national sites you can find out a lot about the south of england like the news, weather and events going on in that area... I come from the south west and our nearest major city is Bristol. It´s cheaper than London, has lots of jobs available and some very good schools. Not all schools in england are free though! Independent schools, although good on the whole, are very expensive but there are lots of them in the south. My mum is a lawyer and works in Bristol now but she´s also worked in in London,Bournemouth and Southampton, so has been around alot of southern England. However, both my parents have found that in their professions of law and teaching employers having started taking on younger workers as opposed to the older, more experienced ones because they are cheaper and are sometimes seen to have more to offer in the long term. So perhaps it is worth considering how much working time your parents have left if they come over to the UK. What is it about england that attracts you so much? I mean it´s a wonderful country but why do you want to come here so badly?! As beautiful as the south of england is, don´t disregard the north either. It´s just as pretty and is much cheaper. Good luck whatever you do!

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hi, i just stumbled across this site while trying to find info on moving to the UK, and hopefully i can get some advice. I am 24 my husband is 36, and our job experience is limited to retail and security/maintenance, respectively, although i have a little college. we are wanting to move but are not trying to get across the atlantic within a specific time frame (maybe 10 yrs max) currently we live in the US in oklahoma, but are needing a change and the benefits you listed earlier are one of our main draws, besides the fact that we are a little miffed at our country for various reasons. if anyone has any good advice we would love some!

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heh there,
im from staffordshire in the midlands of england, i find birmingham and manchester to be a bit hectic and, whats the word for it.... surburb like, not nice looking. i suggest you try visiting lichfield, which is a smaller city but very pretty. i come from stafford and there is not that much but there is always resturant and shop managers needed.
you need to visit england really. let me know on how things go.