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Hey guys, just joined travellerspoint, GREAT site...

now thinking about going to honduras next year (beginning of the year).. ummm where have you found the best prices to fly into? la ceiba or sand pedro, or? i'm thinking of doing a 2 week 'ish' trip, maybe 1 ish week mainland and 1 on the islands...

hoping to do some snorkeling rafting, jungle hikes, etc

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Hi Acidwarp,

I doubt if you can find a direct flight into La Ceiba unless it´s quite a lot more expensive, but if you manage to find a cheap one, go there. It´s a perfect spot to start your trip with good hikes into some National Parks and of course the boats to the Bay Islands. On the other hand, distances are small in Honduras, so you will easily find a bus from San Pedro to La Ceiba the same day. Just be sure to get into San Pedro with all your senses awake, there IS a lot of crime out there (petty and not so very petty...)

Back on your way from the snorkeling/diving you could easily reach Copan Ruinas in a day (consider renting a car). Gracias Lempira is a little hyped to my opinion, but near the north-coast it´s the best option for a cute-but-not-too-touristy "mountain" town. Also around Lake Yojoa there are some beautiful spots, including some Maya ruins quite recently discovered and unearthened by Japanese (which is why they are not so famous yet, I presume). Your time will be too short to visit La Mosquítia, you will need another week for that.

Happy travels

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Ruinas de Copan is now served from La Cieba and SPS and also from Guatemala City by the new modern a/c Hedman Alas Buses. No more taking the old pullman bus from SPS to La entrada then changing over to the mini buses into Copan... One generally flies into SPS, a smooth land (Teguc's Toncontin is a nightmare) and then flies on to Goascaran Airport in La Cieba or then on to Roatan from La Cieba if you have a ticket to Roatan or the ferries leave La Cieba onward to Roatan or Utila Bay Islands daily....view read up on Honduras in English..the finest English language weekly in Central America (NO Century 21-Remax-Real estate Con type ads all over as in the Costa Rican weeklies)'Honduras This Week'
as for travel advice you can't beat 'Honduras Tips' online "The offical travel guide to Honduras"

The friendliest people in the country are away from the Islands, north Coast and tourist destinations.