3 English Boys heading to Australia summer 04 need some help

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1. Posted by brickytop (Budding Member 3 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Me and 2 friends are soon to be heading out to Aus from June 26th to Aug 22, 8 weeks in total.
We will start by staying in Sydney with my relatives for 2 weeks, ish, then heading up the East Coast probably all the way up to Cairns, then in the last week heading back to Sydney for our return flight (cant do one out of Cairns, bit of a bummer).
To travel up the east coast we will be using the Greyhound bus, is this the best one to use and what is the best pass to get, i heard they do a 6000 KM pass, is this a good idea, also when is the best time to book it? here or when we get there.??

Next, we are not sure how hard it will be to get work out there during this time and are wondering whether it will be worth getting the WH visa or just getting a tourist one, what is the likelihood of obtaining work out there? we are all 19 and have a fair amount of work experience and are all at reasonable unis.

Do you think this is the best plan for the holiday, sydney for a bit then east coast. Do you have any other thoughts that would help us?

Many thanks in advance

2. Posted by Suzzy (Budding Member 13 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

i'm a 20 (21 in july) female who's planning on goin to oz 24th june- 3rd august and so far i'm goin on my own... i too am planning on goin overland sydney-cairns, and am thinking bout going greyhound/mccafferty's OR OzExperience... not too sure just yet but never mind...
personally i wouldn't get a working visa. apparently you can only get ONE, EVER, and it lasts a year. so if you're not going there for such a long time i'd refrain from it. however this is only what i've heard so might be different?
anyway let us know if you fancy meeting somewhere!

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Well from what I've heard from my own travels around Aus, Greyhound is definately the way to go. Actually if you all rented a car that might also be another option worth exploring. If the cost is split 3 ways it could work out cheaper and the main roads around Aus are dead easy to follow. The main roads in NSW even give you free coffee at driver reviver stops :) Queensland is a bit more stingier on the caffeine though :(

Quite a few backpacker places don't mind if you have a working visa or not- you can do some kitchen/ check-in/ cleaning work for a free meal and a free night. Other employers usually are a bit more stringent on the visa thing though, so I guess it all depends on how much work and what kind of work you're after during your stay out here.

Either way I'm sure you'll all have a blast

4. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi brickytop,

I would agree with both previous statements, a working holiday maker is not the way to go for such a short trip. You can easily (and for free) get a tourist visa (ETA) for three months. I doubt you would be able to find any work if you mention you aren't staying in one place longer than a week or two (I assume). It can be quite tricky to find work in Australia let alone if you are with two mates (one finds work, the other two don't etc.).

I think the rent a van option might be a good one. Have you considered it? It shouldn't work out to be much more expensive than a greyhound for that kind of mileage and you can sleep in it too. There are a few places that do this kind of thing; this site seems pretty decent;
http://www.wickedcampers.com.au. Another popular one is http://www.travellers-autobarn.com.au.

Hope this helps!