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1. Posted by marimia (Budding Member 12 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I'm starting my interrail tour through Europe in beg of may and now wonder whether to go to San Sebastian for a couple of days or add them to Madrid and its surroundings instead... anyone been at these places and able to give advice?

2. Posted by SurfDude (Budding Member 17 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Ooooow San Sebastian for sure! Great place, altough a lot smaller it has just as much to offer as Madrid. Culture, a great admosphere, friendly people. And it's very cheap aswell (because it lies in Baskenland). I went on a surfingtrip to Biarritz 2 years ago, but all we hung out was San Sebastian just across the border. You've got this labirint of small streets full of cool bars and disco's and people are on the streets 24 hours a day. Anyway, I vote San Sebastian;). For real beauty (as in culture) you have to go to the south of Spain or Barcelona Have fun! Cya, Jasper

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I spent a few days in san sebastien about 8 years ago whilst backpacking round spain during the summer. it was without doubt my favourite place i spent time in. It's not as hot as the south, or a busy as barcelona, or have the activities that the east coast may have, but the combination of the old town, where the best nightlife is, and the beautiful beach and bay make it a really great place to be. i only planned to stay a couple of days, but stayed for a week, partly because of the young lady i met ;). You can't compare it to Madrid, they are a world apart, and as much as Madrid has going for it, i would choose San Sebastien.

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Go for San Sebastian....even more in summer...not that hot as Madrid and a lot more interesting....very h, and thnice surroundings,,,I´ve been in botough I like the one and the other...I have to advise you to get into Sansebantian....Enjoy pinchos....That is something so tipical....smalll pieces of food....ans so tasty ans so will love it....You will find many places in old city...
Hope this to be useful.....cheers:)

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Heya :)

Go to San Sebastian! It was so great and has one of the prettiest beaches in Europe! The Old Town has bars on every corner, so the night life is not lacking, and because the town is so small, you meet so many great people. If you can, stay at this little place called LoLo House (if I remember correctly). It's so great and clean and nice. It overlooks the town square and if you get a room with a balcony (or even if not, everyone becomes instant friends there so I'm sure people'll let you hang out on theirs) you can just chill and watch dancing shows that the locals put on while have supper (there's a kitchenette). Food there is so cheap eiether way, if you're staying in to cook, or are going out to eat. It's a great time for a small price.

Katie ;)