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Hi All

We are ar going to travel down France & Spain over to north Africa and thinking of driving down to south Arfica ....... how safe is it




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I was in Morocco last year, traveling as a single female is not done much there. I was with my fiance, who is Moroccan, and his family. I always felt perfectly safe. I loved it there and found people to be very warm, friendly and helpful,

A few tips:
Definitely dress very conservatively, as a way to show respect to the culture and to avoid being disrespected. I wore long skirts and long sleeved blouses or short sleeved with something over like a light jacket when I arrived, but very quickly bought a djellabah, which i wore over my western clothes, and wore a headscarf, which was both more physically comfortable ( Morocco is REALLY hot a good part of the year) being loose fitting, and more comfortable in that I didn't get unwanted attention...fitted in more, even though i am very fair skinned and obviously not moroccan.

ALso, there is a little book ( small enough to slip in purse or pocket) put out by Lonely Planet that has Moroccan phrases...it is really helpful, and i found that even a few words of Arabic were realllly appreciated. French helps too sometimes, but don't expect everyone to speak either English or French, even in places like Merrakech...

Always use only your right hand for eating ( left hand is considered the bathroom hand...and on the subject of bathrooms, the "turkish toilet" type facilities predominate, so be prepared! They are fine once u understand how to use them lol!

Moroccan food is great, but stick to bottled water...

Be prepared to bargain for EVERYTHING there...

If you have a chance to meet people and visit them at home definitely do it- you will see a different side of people, and get a different perspective on the country and culture public personas and private are very separate there, more so than in Europe or the States...

Definitely go and have a great time, wish I was there right now!!!

And email me if I can be any further help...

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I was in Morrocco about ten years ago and I wouldn't recommend it for women travelling on their own.

When I was there my friend and I met a lad and lass on the ferry across from Spain and we ended up travelling around with them. When we were in Casablanca we were all walking around the medina and some bloke started talking to the lass. He was friendly at first but within about ten minutes he was asking her to go back to his room to have sex. Even once we realised what was going on and got quite angry with him he was still persistent, so it put me off Morrocco for women.

We also met Morrocan men who were nice people (as well as quite a few who were scamsters), and most ordinary people in Morrocco are nice people - it's just that the Morrocans who seek out tourists tend to be dodgy in some way. As a general rule I would say that the Morroccans you meet in a natural way tend to be nice people and the ones who seek you out or meet you in a contrived way are dodgy.

If possible when you're in Spain I would try to meet some males to travel around Morrocco with, as I definitely wouldn't feel safe if I was a women in Morrocco. Male company will definitely make you feel more comfortable and allow you to enjoy your holiday much more. In fact to be honest, some of the situations you come across are quite intimidating whether you're a man or a women.

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As for the rest of Africa I travelled around East and Central Africa a few years ago and felt much safer than I did in Morrocco. Somehow it just felt less intimidating.

In Morrocco when people tried to sell you something or get you to go to a hotel, etc, they were totally persistent, whereas in East and Central Africa if you didn't want to buy something then after a couple of 'no's the sales people tended to leave you alone in my experience.

I did get into a couple of situations (had a policeman pointing a gun at me to get me to go to his office to buy a visa that I didn't need, caught malaria and amoebic dysentery), so it's not entirely safe, but overall I have to say that East and Central Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawai, Zambia and Zimbabwe) were totally brilliant and the people were totally cool.