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Hello there

I would like to teach English in Japan for a year. As there are a variety of organisations, I was wondering if anyone had any special recommendations? So far I have looked at GEOS and JET.

If anyone has worked in Japan for a year I would love to hear about their experience (good or bad!!)

Cheers !

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I have been teaching here for nearly four years now so I can maybe help you out.
I have heard alot of good things about the JET Program.
Teachers often get posted to local areas so if you are looking to get a feel for the country or learn some Japanese then it may be a good choice.

GEOS is one of the standard big franchise schools here that actively recruit overseas. So they can usually set you up with apt, phone and a group of people to hang out with(your coworkers). It is relatively painless but can tend to confine you to a small world at times.

It really depends on your priorites and what you plan to get out of your time here. Are you here to bank some cash, enjoy traveling the country, travel the surrounding area, do the work for one year in asia plan
? Everyone has different goals here so if you let me know your scene I can help you out with a few more specifics. Feel free to PM me.


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I too am currently working in Japan, though have only been here for 5 weeks now. In terms of who you work for, it is like ghostdog says, it all depends on what you want from the experience. I know that JET teachers dont have a very heavy schedule and so have plenty of time to socialise and stuff. I work for a smaller company in Kyushu and we work fairly long hours and have a lot of travelling to do to get to our schools. It also depends on what age group u want to teach. Adults or kids. Nova is a big company out here, but they are fairly corporate and mostly teach adults via the internet.

I would say to look into as many options as possible cos then u know whats out there. I made the mistake of taking the first job that came along just becuase i was bored at home, and whilst there is nothing terrrible about the job i do, there isnt as much time for travelling and doing stuff as id like. I work all week and then unwind on the weekend. I do get an apartment provided for me, which was why i chose this company, but then the rent is extoritionatly high, and i know i could get it cheaper privately.

Basically, go in with ur eyes open, explore every option and most of all decide what u want out or ur time in Japan before leaving. All bits of advice i wish i had followed 2 months ago!!!