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Well that's good windmill, maybe I took it wrong. So as long as there's no hard feelings as you say, hope you don't mind if I toss out some unsolicitated advice. I was reading Juliets blog and looking at the cities/contries you 2 plan on hitting on your up coming trip. I have been going to S.E. Asia /NZ / Australia quite a bit throughout the years and I noticed a few places not mentioned. I see that Saigon is not mentioned but I assume you guys are gonna stop there (if not I would really recommend it). The one really noticable omission in her list is Bali (Indonesia). Are you 2 going and she just didn't mention it or are you 2 skipping it? (IMHO big mistake if you plan to pass it over). Also, unless you're going to NZ cause of friends , family, or some other important reason I would DEFINITELY switch that year long (was it?) exploration over to Australia. Australia has alot more to see in my opinion. New Zealand is interesting to visit for a short period but I personally would be ready to leave after a month. That's just my experience from a lot of visits to that area (New Zealand only twice, Australia about 6 times - been almost everywhere except Adelaide). That's just my feeling so I wanted to pass it on to you guys. Anyway hope you don't think I'm being pushy just want you to hit the places me and my traveling Photography friends basically feel are the cream of the crop........Zoom

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Quoting Juliet06


It's not as if her only choice if she's coming to London is to work in a restaurant, there are plenty of jobs she can do, and many that would not stifle her individuality by asking her to take her piercings out.

Stop trying to act like everyone's dad and either give well-founded advice or none at all.

Riiiight... cause getting piercings makes you an individual. Really, really original.

Anyway, yeah, the visa situation with actually moving to and working in the UK... very ugly. I guest-taught at a UK university for a year and the institution was able to sponsor us and "grease the wheels" but I shudder to think how we would have done it had we just up and decided to move to the UK. And had we decided to stay on after the contract was up... no idea how we would have pulled that off. Which is sad, because we really, really, really loved it over there, and staying would have been nice to have as an option.

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