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1. Posted by jojo77 (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I'm desperate to pack it all in and go to Australia on a WHV before it's too late (I'm 27), but I'm halfway through a university course and I still have another 2 years to go. It's going to be summer 2008 (at the earliest) before I can pack up and get out there, and I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with living in the UK.

I'm tempted to jack in my university course and go travelling, but at the same time I would be disappointed in myself if I walk away and don't get my qualifications. Another thing to think about is that I'm working while I'm studying so I'm earning money to travel; if I pack in now I won't get very far on the money I've got, but if I wait 2 years I'll have lots more cash and also a qualification under my belt that would help me get better paid work when I do go to Australia.

I'm really finding it difficult to make a decision. Should I pack in now and go to Australia on a WHV? (I would be able to go straight away, but I wouldn't have much money and I would be wasting all the hard work I've done at university so far, and with no qualifications I'd have less chance of a decent job later in life) Or should I stick it out for 2 years? (I'd be stuck in the UK for longer, but when I do leave I'd have a good qualification and loads of money saved up).

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Hey jojo, Sounds like you've already answered your own question. Personally, I think you should stick at uni, finish the course, get the qualification you've worked so hard for.
The world is still going to be there in 2years time, you'll have more money, and feel proud that you stuck through uni.

I knew I wanted to travel since I was 10. I had opportunities several times over the years to 'jack it in' but I waited till the right time. I leave 2nd September & the feeling from waiting is so awesome that nothing can hinder me.

Go with the peace in your heart!!!

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Wow that's tough.
I'm actually in a similar situation. I'm halfway through my studies in Australia and I just want to get up and go over to Europe, funnily enough. I just can't wait to see everything! I did plan to defer my studies, go travels and then come back. But uni is a long term goal.

Lots of people say "just go travelling" and that "you learn so much more from travelling than you do at uni", which I agree with.

But at the same time, you're in this uni course for a reason, so just stick with it for a little while longer, and that way you won't have any restrictions to have to come back to the UK to finish studies. Think about it like it's a reward after you graduate - you're free to do what ever you wish!

After a lot of thought, I decided to stick out the next semester and go at the end of the year for a few months, then come back and finish my final year.

Yes, you may have itchy feet... so why not go on a short travel trip I know it'll knock a bit of money that you may want to use later, but perhaps it will also ease that itchy feeling.

Also, could you maybe study overseas?


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hey have you thought about studying here? liek doing an exchange semester through your uni..

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I was in the same situation (although I was a couple of years younger) 3-4 years ago. I stuck it out, and am glad that I did, but man, it was hard... At the end of my thesis it was purely about getting it done, and not at all about delivering any kind of quality. Which went completely against how I like to do things, but it was a horrortale that I just wanted to leave behind me at that point.

Still, I knew that with the university degree, I had a solid basis on which I could fall back if travelling didn't work out for me, and I suspect it helped me find work more easily while abroad as well, so I'm glad I did things this way. Also, I don't think it'd have been easy to go back to that study after travelling. (Although going back to studying (getting a second degree) is something that I'm actually semi-actively contemplating at this point. Travelling has really taught me just how much there is to see and to learn in this world.)

6. Posted by jojo77 (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I know deep down that the right thing to do is probably to finish my degree, I've already spent so much money and time on it and all that would be wasted if I walk away, as well as the time I spent doing A levels to get to uni in the first place. But I just keep thinking: how much is a History degree from the University of Salford really going to be worth anyway? Would I really suffer so much from not finishing it?

I'm so keen to just finish and leave, I've only been at uni since September so I've only done one year, and the next 2 years are going to be such a drag because I'm itching to go travelling. But I suppose being a graduate will open more doors for me in the future, and by the end of my degree I'll have more cash saved to go travelling anyway.