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1. Posted by teseres (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi there!
I just became a member so the questions im about to put out there have probably already been asked and answered 58 million times.. -but any help is BLESSFULLY appreciated!

Im just about to leave sydney for 4 months travel in bali/singapore/malaysia/thailand. Its two of us and we will first spend one month in bali,then fly into singapore and then travel by bus/train and perhaps even fly my our through malaysia and up to thailand... anyone who can take some of their time and give some advice on following topics would be absolutely amazing!;

-How much money can i ruffly expect to spend over the 4 months? (basic living+travel fees for one month in bali, one month in malaysia and two months in thailand) We will be able to leave with 10.000 AUD(4200GBP) between both of us, enough for us to survive or will it be tight? realise that alcohol is one of the major budget killers so keep in mind that we do like our drink..

-Anyone got any suggestions on easiest/best way to cross the boarder from malaysia to thailand? and also on how to travel through the country...bus? train?

-Where to go in malaysia.. we dont want to end up in any tourist traps, but still explore amazing, mind blowing nature and sceneries. Any suggestions would be so so so helpful!

-Will we need a visa for malaysia?

-If anyone ever done a similar trip; ANY SUGGESTIONS/ADVICE/VARNINGS would be so highly appreciated!

Thanks a million!

2. Posted by leekuan (Budding Member 12 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


I think the cheapest way to go Thailand from KL to Thailand is by flight. U can do online booking through Air Asia, they are offering cheap flight ticket on and off. Else, if u did travel to Kedah (North part of west Malaysia), you can cross the border by bus.

Malaysia consist of south and east and west. both side are having very different environment and culture. from your desription, i think most probably u will only travel around west malaysia.

I think first of all u hav to decide which places you like to visit before u consider about the transportation.

Malaysia has a lot of Pulau which you might not miss it. Pulau Redang (Pulau means island) is a famous island but i think is a bit commercial now. i suggest u to visit pulau perhentian or pulang lang tengah which are situated near by redang. u must get few quotations before you really commit. If u go to these island(these island are situated in Terengganu State) from Kuala Lumpur (KL), u can either take flight or bus. of course by bus is very much slower. But, if you are interested to travel along the way from KL to these island, then u can take bus. A package to the above mentioned island is about RM350 (for travel by bus) and RM550 (For Travel bu Flight). i went there a year ago, i think now the price has raise a bit, but i think wont run too far away. When i went, i bought the bus ticket and arrange my own transport, more flexible.

If u take bus, u can buy bus ticket few days earlier before the island trip. travel from KL to Kuantan (capital of Pahang state). it is a small town half suround by sea side, a small and nice place. i think u will like it if u like beach. In Kuantan, u can visit Telok Cempedak (beach), Batu Hitam (Beach with black color rocks) and then travel up the cherating (also beach) and club med is there. oops, before u go up to cherating, u can visit the fisherman village call Beserah. u can c how ppl make dry fishy :) stay overnight in kuantan and then buy a ticket to terengganu. from terengganu bus station, the island travel agency will send their van to pick u up to the jeti. then, wait for their boat to the wonderful island :) sound nice right? Dont forget to try "Sate" if u go to Beserah.

In Kuantan, if u take taxi, make sure u bargain with the driver. kuantan is not a big town.

If u like hiking, u can go for few places like Bukit Melawati (located at Wangsa Maju in Kuala Lumpur) u can spend few hours up there. is a interesting place. Cameron Highland also hav few places for hiking, nice and cooling, i guess u will like it.

Before i forgotten, Melaka and Ipoh also a place that u cant miss it.

Actually Malaysia has lot of good place and nice food. i think u need to figure out which state to visit and i try to advice u as what i know.

Lee Kuan

3. Posted by lizp (Full Member 77 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Phew what a lot of questions!!!!

OK,regarding Malaysia......... Malaysia is much cheaper than S'pore, but more expensive than Thailand. Thailand is better value for accommodation. Bus travel in M;sia is very cheap, good and frequent, whereas trains are very limited, slow and infrequent. As LK said, you can fly cheaply from KL to Thailand if you use AirAsia, but as you are a traveller, I would suggest using the buses, as you see more of the country, and don't have to pay airport taxes and costs of getting to/from airports etc.

To cross the border from M;sia to Thailand, there are at least 6 crossings. The most common is Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah, this is the one express buses use between KL or Penang to Hat Yai. The bus fare direct from KL to Hat Yai is about RM35-40, it takes 8 hrs.

Yes alcohol is expensive in M'sia, but you can always buy beer cheaper in supermarkets, and buy duty free when crossing to Thailand by bus or flight. Food is cheap, an average meal will cost about US$1.50 or less.

From S'pore I suggest you go to Malacca (historical town) by bus, then to KL. Then you have todecide whether to follow the east or west side. The east coast is definitely nicer for beaches and islands, its more rural. Good places are Cherating (north of Kuantan) on the mainland, or the islands of Tioman (which is closer to S'pore), or Perhentian.

On the west side, I would suggest Cameron Highlands. Give Ipoh a miss and go straight to Penang. From Penang its easy to get to Hat Yai in Thailand by bus or van.

Hope this helps, if you have any specific questions, ask.

4. Posted by clem (Inactive 4 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

If you're looking for nature, i think the state of Sarawak will be a great stop. There is a national park called Bako National Park outside the city of Kuching which would be a perfect location. I think you need to contact the Kuching Tourism Board to book accomodations etc.

5. Posted by Laura_B (Respected Member 352 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

If you love beautiful beaches, snorkeling, diving etc. Do not miss the Perhentian Islands! Get a slow boat or speed boat from Kuala Besut. Malaysia is more expensive then Thailand, but you will have a different experience. I found people very friendly & helpful. Have fun, I just wish I spent more time in Malaysia rather then Bali. Sorry I cannot help you much with Bali, as I didn't see much of it due to the bad weather.

6. Posted by ersano (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

You do not need a visa for Malaysia and I found Bali is cheaper compare to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, but that possibly because I live in Bali, so I know where to find things cheap.

With budget for AUD 2.500/month ( circa US$1.900 ) I'd say you could travel in Bali comfortably. Return ticket Denpasar-Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia is US$ 170. Self drive car for the whole month is US$200.00, daily is US$12.00. Petrol to make the tour of the island around US$ 10.00/day. A budget hotel, air conditioned with pool just off main Legian area cost US$20/night. Meals will cost you around US$3.00 up to US$4.00 for a plate of pasta or even a pizza at a nice restaurant, breakfast normally included in your hotel room rates. You could get a plate of fried rice or fried noodle from the local restaurant ( no tourist menu )for US$ 0.40. A bottle of beer is US$0.90. An organised full day tour US$20.00, but if you take this than you don't have to rent a car. So, if you do the math, return ticket to Kuala Lumpur + a week self drive car + petrol + 2 meals a day for 2 + 30 days hotel will leave you around US$ 650.00 for the shopping and drinks at Bali.

Hope this helps