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i´m going to cambodia vietnam and laos next summer.
i have 6 weeks, i´ll start in cambodia(1 week), then vietnam from south to north (3 weeks) and finally laos (10 days)
last year i was in thailand and i found thai people were really really nice and friendly. what about people in cambodia, vietnam and laos(i´ve heard people in vietnam is not so frienly)
i´m traveling alone and i´d like to know if it´s safe traveling around these countries and if it would be enought time.
what´s the best way to cross the border between vietnam and laos?

thanks in advance

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I think you have a good amount of time planned. Of course you could always take more, but you should be able to see lots in that time. You might have to rush through a bit of Vietnam though.
As for friendly people - I found Vietnam to be the friendliest country I've ever visited. I loved the people there and had nothing but good experiences. However, I've heard the complete opposite from alot of people. So it all depends on your experiences. Don't go their with the expectation that they won't be friendly, or else you'll only notice the ones that aren't. If you go expecting it to be friendly, you will pay attention to and only remember the people that are friendly.
The way I got from Vietnam to Laos was taking a bus from Hanoi to Vientienne. It's a long ride, but it's easy. You could also fly if you aren't into 24 hour bus rides.
I think all of these countries are very safe to travel in. Your worse danger is road accidents, especially in Vietnam. After a number of bus rides, I felt much better about taking the train. When I was there a couple years ago, the stretch of road between Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang had some political unrest along it. Driving by and seeing recently charred buses on the side of the road was a little unerving. I haven't heard the situation there in a couple years, so it may not be a problem anymore at all. But it's something to check out. Maybe someone else can give some updated info on that stretch.

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Your plan is quite good for 6 weeks.
Some information if you need:
- Start with Cambodia, you should visit Phnompenh - A land filled with temples, the most famous of them all is the Angkor Wat (which illustrates some of the most beautiful examples of the fusion of Khmer and Hindu art). Remember visiting Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Royal Palace, French Villas, Russian Market (so-named because of the prevalence of items from the Eastern Bloc in past times)and the well-preserved beaches in Sihanoukville or Kompong Song (a smooth 3-hour drive from Phnom Penh)with Serendipity Beach, where many sunbathers gather. And more, visit most “touristy” town Siem Reap for superb nightlife,if you love. For safe in Cambodia: Avoid traveling at nights of course, take just as much money as you need with you, never try to approach the areas unknown and in rural areas, always seek local advice & don't stray from that path.
- Vietnam: You can come to Vietnam from Phnompenh by land border crossing. Toursit Bus (245 km) takes 4-5hours, or Boat to Chau Doc.Or you can fly. 1 month Visa can get at airport or border, or in Phnompenh. Vietnam is the most friendly country in SEA. Vietnamese people have a peace-loving tradition, then they dont like shouting, really. I'm sure you will see people smile every moment you are there. Never miss Mekong Delta in the South, Phu Quoc island for beach relax and then up to the North. Stop at Phan Thiet for a real natural beach, Nha Trang for the most beautiful beach in Vietnam and for excelent snorkeling. Visit Hoian for an ancient life feeling and for the Cham Ruins at My Son. Then up to Hue, to see and compare The Hue Imperial Citedal with the one in Beijing, China. In The North, spend your time in Hanoi, the capital a few days, then Ha Long Bay, advisal 1 night spending on boat inside the bay. Up North West for Sapa, the most beautiful magic valley area. back Hanoi and fly to Vientian. Or from Hanoi, have bus to Vientian, take about 20hours and cost US$15.
- Lao: You can get Lao Visa in 1 day from Hanoi or at border. It's easy. The best ans fastest border crossing way from Hanoi is through Cau Treo border. Visit Vientian first, this is called "the city of surprise", see That Luang, Patuxai, Wat Xieng Khouang. Luang Prabang-the jewel of Indochina with Wat Xieng Thong-the most stunning temple in Luang Prabang, richly decorated with coloured glass and gold, Mount Phousi and Wat That Chom and The Royal Palace or Palace museum.

As I know, Vietnam and Lao are quite safe for tourist. People are very friendly and hospitable and a minimum effort will make your trip smooth and memorable.

Moreover, remember wherever you are, respect the culture and you will earn its respect in turn.

Anymore information, you can PM me.
Have a good time !:)

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thanks for all your information, it´s been really helpful.
see you around the world!!!!

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I can say Vietnam is peace country, vietnameses is friendly and hard. I think you can know from poeple that was gone to vietnam.

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hi again!
you can go to Lao from Vietnam by bus or fly directly. And you'd make your visa to Lao before leaving Vietnam